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  • How to check an oscilloscope without a graphic function

    The function of nowadays oscillograph is more and more powerful, oscillograph just already did not see weaveform simply, a lot of clients want to survey a plan with oscillograph recently, but the budget is limited, at hand does not have high-end oscillograph (for example DPO7354C) , so how to survey a plan?Want to understand above all, What is a graph.     "The eye pursues

  • Collect of problem of Keysight 86100D oscillograph, see this

    KEYSIGHT 86100D is lead plane of oscillograph of a wide bandwidth, the test that can be used at signal of high speed number and fiber-optic communication system and the module that analyse it to be able to cooperate to differ, be like 86105C, will realize the bandwidth that amounts to 90 GHz, measure with seasonable region, it still has the function such as spectrum analysis, eye chart analysis su

  • Is Keysight 86100D the use method of heart oscillograph lead plane

    The method of lead plane of use 86100D oscillograph is as follows:1、Above all, you need to choose appropriate module, be like 86105C, will cooperate 86100D oscillograph lead plane to undertake the test of photoelectricity signal and analysis. Different module has port of different bandwidth, input and function, you can choose according to your test demand.  2、Next, you need to be in module in

  • Keysight 86100D-9FP PAM-N analyses software

    The accretion of bandwidth of data center network becomes even more important to the applied demand of much territory. Pure raise speed of yuan of parts of an apparatus to cannot have satisfied afore-mentioned requirement, because this PAM-4 technology regards ordinary mail of a kind of many phone as your technology emerge as the times require, the data that can promote high speed number communica

  • What are some common indices measured on oscilloscopes

    Measure basicallyUse number oscillograph can carry out extensive measurement to weaveform. Metrical range and complex degree depend on the functional collect of oscillograph. Graph the 22 blank that those who show is oscillograph of Keysight 8000 series show. The measurement that notices screen is the leftest and listed pushbutton / icon. Can use a mouse to pull these icon weaveform to go up, meas