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Difference between DCA-M and DCA-X oscilloscopes
Knowledge Base + 2023.12.12

DCA-M oscillographcharacteristic and application:

DCA-M oscillograph (Digital Cathode-Ray Oscilloscope - Multimeter) is compositive the function of digital oscillograph and avometer. It passes digitlization technology to undertake sampling and processing to telegraphic date, the signal that provides high speed and high resolution shows. Besides basic oscillograph function, DCA-M oscillograph still has a variety of measurement function, wait like voltage, electric current, frequency, resistor. This makes check and gauge demand what it can satisfy the domain such as electron, communication, computer. DCA-M oscillograph is used extensively in professional engineer and researcher, its are high-powered and muti_function make its make engineers' indispensable tool.

DCA-X oscillographcharacteristic and application:

DCA-X oscillograph (Distributed Coherent Aperture - X-band Oscilloscope) is a kind of high frequency oscilloscope that is used technically at wireless communication domain. DCA-X oscillograph basically is applied extensively in radar and communication system, use at undertaking test and analysis to the character of high frequency signal and function. relatively at other oscillograph, DCA-X oscillograph has bigger frequency range and taller property, will offer rich measurement through accurate sampling and analysis parameter and spark function. In radio frequency, microwave and communication system debug in examining a process with breakdown platoon, DCA-X oscillograph is producing crucial effect.

DCA-M oscillograph and DCA-X oscillographdistinction is comparative:

These two kinds of oscillograph ask to go up in function, applicable domain and function the difference with apparent existence. DCA-M oscillograph combined the function of digital oscillograph and avometer, apply to extensive field, have higher performance and function. And DCA-X oscillograph is dedicated the test at high frequency signal and analysis, apply to wireless communication and radar domain, have bigger frequency range and higher performance to process these high frequency signal.

DCA-M oscillograph and DCA-X oscillograph serve as the oscillograph of different type, there are respective advantage and applicability in different applied domain. The signal character that chooses appropriate oscillograph to should be based on limits of specific application demand, frequency and place to need to measure will undertake judging. DCA-M oscillograph agrees with to check and gauge demand extensively, and DCA-X oscillograph checks in high frequency signal and is main effect in the analysis. In applying actually, the signal that should understand place adequately to need to measure is characteristic, seek advice from professional personage to use oscilloscope in order to ensure right choice is mixed, obtain thereby accurate with reliable test result.