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  • Why should undertake smooth module checks- 10G smooth module tests program.

    The main purpose that undertakes smooth module checks is to ensure the function of smooth module is reliable, requirement of up to specification, can stabilize ground job to be in actual application setting, specific include the following fields:Blast off and receive performance what affirm smooth module: Blast off and receive performance of module through checking light, ensure its can transmit s

  • What are the main functional indicators of oscilloscopes

    Main oscillograph function indexA lot of oscillograph function index can affect the performance of appearance significantly, affect the ability of accurate test parts of an apparatus then. This section will introduce the ABC of these index. These content still will help you be familiar with oscillograph term, let you make wise decision when choosing the oscillograph that suits most.BandwidthBandwi

  • The relevant equipment link that eye of smooth module pressure checks explains

    Pressure eye checks, it is the main index that evaluates performance of 25-28G smooth receiver, advocate the patient degree of if sink of test and verify is right abominable signal.The relevant device that uses here has: Module of M9502A+M8195A AWG of AXIe lead plane + controller of PC of the buy inside M9537A, m9505A lead plane + M8046A is high-powered pile up appearance by accident + generator o

  • How to use Keysight 86100D to check a figure- What application setting is there-

    Keysight 86100D checks a figure (86100A/B/C manages together)1、 Choose proper hardware configuration, according to your signal type and rate, choose the module that corresponding bandwidth, sensitivity and clock restore. For example, to be as high as the PAM-4 signal of 32 GBaud, the 86108B of electric bandwidth module that you can choose double 50 GHz or the 86105D-281 of optical bandwidth module

  • Mobile New Model Group Releases Far Cry 5G R17

    Move far communication near future rolled out the new generation that accords with standard of 3GPP Release 17 series of RG650E of group of model of 5GNR of industry plan step and RG650V series. 5G product takes the place of before be being compared, the 5GR17 model group that rolls out this transmits capacity of rate, network, power comsumption in data, when delay and super- the performance on de