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  • How to use oscilloscope and understanding is measured basically

    Current, electronic technology already pervaded the square respect aspect in our life. Everyday millions person is in use electron equipment, for example mobile phone, TV and computer. As the progress of electronic technology, the traversal speed of these equipment is faster and faster also. Nowadays, mass equipment uses technology of high speed number. Engineers need to be able to be designed wel

  • Common methods of detecting the smooth power of smooth module items

    Detect smooth module projects smooth power, common have a few kinds of methods, save collect!Smooth moduleClassics of general before deliver goods experience hardware test of Yan Ke and electronic optics detect, electronic optics detects the compatible mode of module of crucial check optometry, hardware test basically is main parameter detects, amid includes to send electric current of temperature

  • The introduction of oscillograph and application

    Study shows dispatch wave implement (Oscilloscope) principle and function, do apply simply.Oscillograph principleIf plan institute shows the CRT picture of a more adjacent and actual design. The CRT is the heart of oscillograph. Cathode is heated by filament generation heats up a boy far away from home. After these electronic classics that break away from cathode because of be heated control the a

  • QSFP+ Breakout Cable Connectivity Guide for beginer's

    Many data centers are facing upgrading the 10G Ethernet network to 40G. 40G QSFP+ breakout cables and transceivers are ideal 40G high-speed interconnection products for 10G-40G migrating. This article will introduce three 40G QSFP+ breakout connectivity solutions including 40G QSFP+ breakout DAC cable, QSFP+ breakout AOC cable, and QSFP+ optical transceivers+MTP-4xLC breakout cable.Guide 1: QSFP+

  • What is the difference between passive and active sfp+ cables?

    The transmit and receive pairs on the passive AC are directly connected from the SFP+ edge connector to the wires of the cable. The difference is that the DC blocks are added in order to offer protection to the host switch from all sorts of harmful voltages which could have been coupled into the cable.But the technology is more complex than simply connecting the wires over the copper cable and get