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  • How to use oscillograph to measure voltage

    Voltage is constant electric pressure. Oscillograph can undertake metrical to its, diagnose in order to undertake trouble removal is mixed wait for a purpose.When use oscillograph, when if where,knowing to operate, undertake metrical crucial. If want to measure voltage, need to open oscillograph. Remember please, you need to place signal when join.Later, you need to put oscillograph line on n of 0

  • Oscillograph of use real time has the 6 big principles of FFT analysis

    We live in time domain. This is the place that we measure all number performance. But sometimes, we can get the result quickly through bypass frequency domain. Adopt 6 principles, we can understand oscillograph how to measure time domain changeover to be frequency domain view. 6 kinds of all principles all by have fast Fourier to alternate (FFT) functional oscillograph " in engine the lid fal

  • What is oscillograph- ABC, utility

    If you work on electronic circuit, so you need to use oscilloscope!But what is the simplest oscillograph?Oscillograph is a kind of device that is used at testing electronic circuit, can let you examine voltage to follow the change of time, so that diagnose the problem in digital weaveform. It can record the change of the voltage inside period of time or change.How study uses oscilloscope is electr

  • How to choose oscillograph

    One, introduceWhen the consideration buys new oscillograph, the user often can raise a lot of questions. For instance, which kinds of oscillograph ought to choose? Need much wider bandwidth? Can imitate oscillograph satisfy the job to need? Still need a DSO? The question that another people often asks is: "Can DSO satisfy my job to need? "In other words, can DSO finish all measurement th

  • How to use correct oscilloscope- The basic knowledge of oscillograph

    Oscillograph is a kind use technically at testing equipment type and the equipment that search all sorts of electronic circuit breakdown. It is very useful in long circuit, arrive from imitate circuit radio circuit.It master the basic knowledge that how uses oscilloscope is very important to master the basic knowledge that how uses oscilloscope, such you can make full use of it. Let us introduce t