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The relevant equipment link that eye of smooth module pressure checks explains
Knowledge Base + 2023.12.12

Pressure eye checks, it is the main index that evaluates performance of 25-28G smooth receiver, advocate the patient degree of if sink of test and verify is right abominable signal.

The relevant device that uses here has: Module of M9502A+M8195A AWG of AXIe lead plane + controller of PC of the buy inside M9537A, m9505A lead plane + M8046A is high-powered pile up appearance by accident + generator of M8045A pattern of sling-load, remote Head M8057A, DCA-M N1092C, system of 8164B light-wave lead plane, inside compositive illuminant is like 81608A+81942A referenced receiver + 81577A attenuator. Still have a few small parts, if close a road implement, directional coupler, fiber-optic a certain number of, turn contact a certain number of.

The article will be specific how does the introduction join between each equipment interface tests, compose builds eye of smooth receiver pressure to test a system.
The join that objective pursues is as follows:
AWG outputs the jumper that closes a road, as far as possible short, reduce loss.

According to 400G and 802.3bs of 200G test standard, do tolerance to check the interference test that includes range, check with delaying interference in time.
AWG M8195A: Generate extent interference, need two signal, all the way sine signal, all the way gauss noise.
Close a road implement (from several directions implement) : The signal that uses interference as two when AWG outputs closes a road
M8045A of generator of pattern of sling-load: Generate signal of pattern of sling-load, with delaying interference in time

Pile up appearance M8046A by accident: The test is piled up by accident rate
DCA-M: Use as the calibration that the pressure eye before the test pursues

Illuminant 81608A: Provide the carrier wave signal of corresponding wave band
Protect polarizing fine: Use at join adjustable humorous laser source arrives referenced catapult
The action of smooth attenuator: Use at adjusting attenuation to be worth size, change the range of signal then, do the tolerance test below distinct range circumstance.

Coupler: interference signal and coupling of signal of pattern of sling-load
Remote Head M8057A: Carry output of generator of pattern of sling-load of pattern of sling-load outspread come out

PC controller M9537A: Can test equipment individually through USB cable join, test software N4917BSCA can be installed in PC controller, to all join the instrument to PC controller M9537A is done identify, calibration and test. Additional, the FlexDCA software of installation, also can enter the signal in DCA-M to receiving, do the calibration of a graph.

Clock is referenced

Offer by M8045A of generator of pattern of sling-load.

Test flow link line

AWG can output two interference signal, all the way Sine, all the way gauss noise signal, through closing a road implement signal is outputted after closing a road, the pattern of sling-load that outputs with generator of pattern of sling-load and shake signal (classics edge is long-range first (Remote Head) output of one aspect of the matter, long-range head (Remote Head) another output mouth does termination, prevent exterior signal to string together faze to be exported into another useful signal through this port) , pass directional coupler coupling, receive the electric mouth of referenced catapult, the signal of illuminant carrier wave that outputs referenced catapult with illuminant next undertakes linear extent modulation, the signal input after modulation arrives in attenuator 81577A, the signal that attenuator outputs receives DCA-M again in, cross-eye pursues (become test link) do calibration. After calibration is passed, input the signal after calibration again be measured, be measured output end, the poor cent that output signal reachs to pile up appearance M8046A by accident inputs end, do pile up the test of rate by accident.

In this process, need does clock synchronism, clock Out of generator of pattern of sling-load receives the Clock In that piles up appearance by accident, the Clock In that receives DCA-M from the output of Clock Out mouth that piles up appearance by accident (the eye is used when graph calibration, DCA-M was not used when testing a product) . Signal can install the Trig Out of generator of pattern of sling-load to offer AWG M8195A for another clock signal, form the synchronism of signal so.

Attention: Change wavelengh, need does next calibration afresh, check again.