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  • How Changeable Smoothing Attenuators Reduce Power

    Alterable smooth attenuator is a kind of important smooth passive in fiber-optic communication parts of an apparatus, the real time that will realize pair of signal through transmitting smooth power damply is controlled. Say simply, in smooth module, fine attenuator can reduce use light to be piled up by accident rate (BER) . Pile up by accident to achieve rate, need reduces smooth power, need to

  • DCA-M sampling oscillograph

    DCA-M sampling oscillograph: The pivotal tool of digital communication systemAs the rapid development of digital communication system, also increase increasingly to test and the requirement that analyse a technology. In this domain, DCA-M sampling oscillograph serves as a kind of high-powered instrument, producing main effect. It can capture and the weaveform of signal of number of analytic h

  • RF instrument appearance common typical faults

    Our commonly used instrument appearance the prevailing prices such as analyzer of spectrum analyzer, radio frequency source, network is very for instance high, if radio frequency instrument is used undeserved also can cause very big effect to the job, and maintenance value is very expensive also, so how to use ability correctly to avoid needless breakdown to appear?One, power source breakdown caus

  • Oscilloscope Current Probe Repair Instructions

    The use method of probe of oscillograph electric currentThe wire that when capacitance checks, uses should choose 05mm2 of cross section area (AWG20) the lead of aboveWill treat the stannic side side that substrate should reach capacitance shift when measuring the lead on capacitance join, use A and B method to determine, in addition, as far as possible shorten lead.Ripple electric current checks

  • Oscillograph popular science

    Oscillograph is a kind of test that is used at displaying a certain variable the function for another variable and measuring instrument watch. For example, it is showing tension of the scale on screen (Y axis) with time (X axis) concern plan. Graph 10 it is exemples of such graphic representation of a relation. If you think it check component of a certain electron to whether work is normal to chec