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Why should undertake smooth module checks- 10G smooth module tests program.
Knowledge Base + 2023.12.12

The main purpose that undertakes smooth module checks is to ensure the function of smooth module is reliable, requirement of up to specification, can stabilize ground job to be in actual application setting, specific include the following fields:

  1. Blast off and receive performance what affirm smooth module: Blast off and receive performance of module through checking light, ensure its can transmit signal normally, make sure data passes the quality that be defeated and dependability.

  2. Satisfy corresponding standard and standard: Having smooth communication system equipment is purchased and when deploy, normally need accords with corresponding standard and standard, smooth module is not exceptional also. Pass a test, can examine whether does smooth module accord with relative standard and standard, in order to ensure smooth module is applying the dependability in setting and stability actually.

  3. The platoon examines production and the issue in production process: Pass a test, can discover smooth module creates the problem that exists with the likelihood in producing a course, try in time to solve and be improved, increase the production quality of smooth module and stability.

  4. Safeguard network runs efficiency and stability: Smooth module is one of crucial component of smooth communication system, its stability and dependability are crucial to the moving efficiency of whole network and stability. Check through smooth module, can ensure its stability and dependability, promote a network to run efficiency and stability then.

Undertaking smooth module check is one of crucial link that ensure stability of smooth communication system moves.

Be aimed at 10G smooth module, can adopt plan of the following test commonly (undertake choose and adjustment) according to particular case:

  1. Emissive test: Check smooth module to whether can transmit smooth signal normally, basically include laser the parameter such as wavelengh of initiative job electric current, emissive power, center, spectral width checks.

  2. Receive a test: Check smooth module to whether can receive smooth signal normally, basically include to admit sensitivity, pile up electric current of rate, threshold value, hardware to be changed infirmly by accident wait for parameter test.

  3. Overall performance checks: Blast off and receive function what fall in typical work requirement to smooth module to have comprehensive test, basically include data to transmit test and environmental suitability test.

  4. Compatibility checks: Whether can test smooth module undertake with other equipment compatible, the smooth module that includes different brand, switching equipment, road by implement, the each other of the equipment such as the server is epicene test.

  5. Wear checks: Test smooth module is using the stability in the process and dependability for a long time, basically include test of environment of temperature loop test, oscillatory concussion test, damp and hot to wait.

What does 10G smooth module check equipment to have? Commonly used equipment is as follows:

  1. Illuminant: Be like LD (laser diode) , LED (glow diode) etc, use at generating smooth signal, undertake emissive a test.

  2. Smooth powermeter: Use at measuring the smooth power that smooth module blasts off and receives.

  3. Imitate signal source: Use at generating imitate data, be defeated to check and pile up rate test by accident as it is said into linage.

  4. Wrong code leads analyzer (BERT) : Pile up function by accident with what transmit data at checking smooth module.

  5. Fiber-optic attenuator: Use at imitate Sunday run to transmit the circumstance of smooth signal attenuation below.

  6. Environmental temperature and humidity checks box: The adaptability that is used at imitate smooth module to fall in different ambient conditions checks.

  7. Spectrum appearance: Use at measuring the parameter such as the central wavelengh of smooth signal, spectral width.

According to particular test plan needs, still can choose to use wave meter, frequency meter, light the other test equipment such as appearance of reflex of attenuation plan, time domain.

Smooth module tests equipment, commonly used specific type is as follows (choose according to actual condition)

  1. Illuminant: Agilent 8163A/B, EXFO FTB-150, JDSU SLS-12, Tektronix OM4006, Yokogawa AQ4280

  2. Smooth powermeter: EXFO FPM-300, Agilent 8153A/B, JDSU OLP-55, Anritsu ML93A, Keysight N7744A

  3. Imitate signal source: Keysight 33210A, Agilent 81180A, Tektronix AWG2041, Anritsu MP1763B

  4. BERT: Anritsu MP2100A, Tektronix CSA803C, Keysight 86100D, JDSU MTS-6000A, EXFO FTB-8130NGE

  5. Fiber-optic attenuator: JDSU HA9, Agilent 8156A, Anritsu MA2400A, EXFO FVA-600

  6. Environmental temperature and humidity checks box: Binder MKF240, ESPEC SH-661, Thermotron S-8C, Yihua JC-420

Above equipment model offers reference only, choose specific type to need to undertake adjustment according to effective demand. What need an attention at the same time is, as the change of technical development and market demand, the test equipment of new-style date is continuous emerge in large numbers, the proposal chooses well-known trademark, function to stabilize reliable equipment.