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  • How to choose oscillograph

    One, introduceWhen the consideration buys new oscillograph, the user often can raise a lot of questions. For instance, which kinds of oscillograph ought to choose? Need much wider bandwidth? Can imitate oscillograph satisfy the job to need? Still need a DSO? The question that another people often asks is: "Can DSO satisfy my job to need? "In other words, can DSO finish all measurement th

  • How to use correct oscilloscope- The basic knowledge of oscillograph

    Oscillograph is a kind use technically at testing equipment type and the equipment that search all sorts of electronic circuit breakdown. It is very useful in long circuit, arrive from imitate circuit radio circuit.It master the basic knowledge that how uses oscilloscope is very important to master the basic knowledge that how uses oscilloscope, such you can make full use of it. Let us introduce t

  • The structural characteristic of imitate oscillograph and overall structure

    Imitate oscillograph is a kind of oscilloscope that uses imitate circuit to serve as a foundation, the component of indication weaveform is CRT picture tube (oscilloscope tube) , it is to compare a kind of commonly used real time to detect undee oscillographIf plan institute is shown, of typical imitate oscillograph overall structure. Basically control the part such as line of area, test and probe

  • What are the features of the Yokogawa AQ6370D spectrometer?

    Horizontal river Yokogawa AQ6370D is a spectrometer that applies to communication and general application, it can measure 600nm to arrive the wavelengh limits of 1700nm, have high accuracy, high resolution, tall dynamic limits and the characteristic that measure quickly. AQ6370D has two kinds of type, standard edition and high-powered edition, high-powered edition can offer taller wavelengh precis

  • Keysight 86100D and 86105C Oscilloscopes Description

    Keysight 86100D and DCA-X of 86105C photoelectricity module are heart oscillograph service instructionThe article will introduce the use method of DCA-X86100D(86105C) smooth oscillograph in detail, include example of measure of equipment characteristic, operation, note, application and care and maintenance.