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  • The working principle of imitate oscillograph

    The functional block diagram of imitate oscillograph is shown like plan institute. See from the graph, it basically is formed by oscilloscope tube and the circuit that provide drive signal for perpendicular deflexion, level deflexion.The perpendicular input terminal that wants the signal of observation to be added to imitate oscillograph face plate (V terminal) , by vertical axis amplifier enlarge

  • Singlemode and Multimode Fiber Selection Guide

    What is 10 Gigabit Optical Module?First of all, let's understand what is 10Gbps optical module. 10Gbps optical module is an optical module with a transmission rate of 10Gbps, also known as 10G optical module, which has two kinds of packages, SFP+ and XFP, and its common package form is SFP+ package. With the advantages of fast transmission speed, high bandwidth and stable signal, they are wide

  • The main control of oscillograph and measure

    Before face plate accuses basicallyNormally the circumstance falls, the knob on the face plate before using and pushbutton will operate oscillograph. Besides before on face plate accuse beyond, a lot of high end oscillograph provided an operating system now, their mode of operation and computer are accordingly same. You can go to mouse and clavier join oscillograph, use mouse controls indication s

  • How to check an oscilloscope without a graphic function

    The function of nowadays oscillograph is more and more powerful, oscillograph just already did not see weaveform simply, a lot of clients want to survey a plan with oscillograph recently, but the budget is limited, at hand does not have high-end oscillograph (for example DPO7354C) , so how to survey a plan?Want to understand above all, What is a graph.     "The eye pursues

  • Collect of problem of Keysight 86100D oscillograph, see this

    KEYSIGHT 86100D is lead plane of oscillograph of a wide bandwidth, the test that can be used at signal of high speed number and fiber-optic communication system and the module that analyse it to be able to cooperate to differ, be like 86105C, will realize the bandwidth that amounts to 90 GHz, measure with seasonable region, it still has the function such as spectrum analysis, eye chart analysis su