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  • Frequently Asked Questions about 400G Optical Modules

    1、What is 400G QSFP-DD optical module?A: 400G optical module refers to the optical module products whose transmission rate reaches 400Gbps. Currently the mainstream packaging type is QSFP-DD and OSFP, QSFP-DD is a high-speed optical module interface specification, the upgraded version of the QSFP interface, support for 400G high-speed transmission. Using optical fiber as the signal transmission me

  • What is spectrometer, what does spectrometer have to use-

    Spectrometer is the scientific instrument that is the photolysis with complex part spectral line, wait by prism or diffractive grating form, appearance of benefit consumed chart is measurable light of object surface catoptric. The 7 shade in sunshine are the share that naked eye can distribute (visible light) , dan Retong crosses spectrometer to decompose sunshine, arrange by wavelengh, visible li

  • Emulating the key functions of an oscilloscope (I)

    The area of key button control of imitate oscillograph is located in oscillograph overall on the right side of. Graph 2-4 is the key button of typical imitate oscillograph to control area. The operation of imitate oscillograph bolts button has each function each, the objective plan that imitate oscillograph combines below undertakes introductory.(1) mains switch (POWER): (2) indicator light:

  • Difference between DCA-M and DCA-X oscilloscopes

    DCA-M oscillographcharacteristic and application:DCA-M oscillograph (Digital Cathode-Ray Oscilloscope - Multimeter) is compositive the function of digital oscillograph and avometer. It passes digitlization technology to undertake sampling and processing to telegraphic date, the signal that provides high speed and high resolution shows. Besides basic oscillograph function, DCA-M oscillograph still

  • The main purpose of oscillograph is signal integrality

    Signal integralityThe main purpose of oscillograph is, signal giving report offers accurate intuitionistic show. In view of this reason, signal integrality is very important. Signal integrality is to show oscillograph rebuilds so that weaveform can be accurate the ability that shows primitive signal. If the signal integrality of an oscillograph is inferior, so it is no-good. When because become,th