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The structural characteristic of imitate oscillograph - beautiful beautiful is special
Knowledge Base + 2023.12.12

Of imitate oscillograph overall structure

Imitate oscillograph is a kind of oscilloscope that uses imitate circuit to serve as a foundation, the component of indication weaveform is CRT picture tube (oscilloscope tube) , it is to compare a kind of commonly used real time to detect undee oscillograph.

If plan institute is shown, of typical imitate oscillograph overall structure. Basically control the part such as line of area, test and probe, crust to form by button of indication part, key.

Indication part: The indication part of oscillograph basically is comprised by indication screen, shield and dial

Key button controls area

Of imitate oscillograph on the right side of it is area of key button control, every key button has symbolic mark to express a function, every key button and the function that insert aperture all not identical. Below one section general introduces the functional characteristic of every key button in detail.

Check line and probe

The test line of imitate oscillograph and probe are the signal the circuit that be measured conveys the device of imitate oscillograph input.

If plan institute is shown, the test line of typical imitate oscillograph reachs probe. Probe basically is by test probe head (jacket of bougie, probe and link up with) , first class of cable of clip of handle, ground connection, join and probe join comprises. Probe jacket is located in probe head, basically have protective effect. The front in probe jacket is probe link up with (explore hooks) . Bougie is located in probe head, twist next probe jacket to be able to see bougie, when detecting, use probe link up with or bougie and be measured to bring what crural join can realize pair of signal weaveform to detect.