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Frequently Asked Questions about 400G Optical Modules
Knowledge Base + 2023.12.12

1、What is 400G QSFP-DD optical module?

A: 400G optical module refers to the optical module products whose transmission rate reaches 400Gbps. Currently the mainstream packaging type is QSFP-DD and OSFP, QSFP-DD is a high-speed optical module interface specification, the upgraded version of the QSFP interface, support for 400G high-speed transmission. Using optical fiber as the signal transmission medium, by converting electrical signals into optical signals and transmitting them in the optical fiber.

2、What are the common types of 400G QSFP-DD optical modules in the market?

A: The common 400G QSFP-DD optical modules in the market have the following types in the market: QSFP-DD SR8, QSFP-DD DR4, QSFP-DD FR4, QSFP-DD FR8, QSFP-DD LR4, QSFP-DD LR8 and QSFP-DD ER8 optical modules.

3、What is the difference between QSFP-DD and OSFP optical modules?

A: QSFP-DD is smaller in size and more suitable for data center applications, which is the mainstream development direction, while OSFP is slightly larger in package size and consumes more power, which is more suitable for telecom applications. In contrast, the QSFP-DD interface provides four-channel small size and double the port density, OSFP for the eight high-speed electrical channels, the current view of the QSFP-DD good compatibility and perfect support for 400G is still the preferred market.

4、What is the transmission distance of 400G QSFP-DD optical module?

A: The transmission distance of 400G QSFP-DD module depends on the type of fiber used and the specifications of the module. Generally speaking, it can support a transmission distance of 100m-40km.

5、What are the application scenarios of ETU-LINK 400G QSFP-DD optical modules?

A: 400G QSFP-DD optical modules are usually used in high-bandwidth requirement scenarios such as internal connection in data centers, interconnection of data centers, and connection between network devices.

6、Can I use OSFP optical modules at one end of the 400G link and QSFP-DD optical modules at the other end?

A: Yes, OSFP and QSFP-DD describe the physical size of the optical module. As long as the protocol standard specification products are the same (i.e., both ends of the link are 400G-LR4 or 400G-FR4, etc.), OSFP and QSFP-DD optical modules are compatible with each other.

7. Can 400G OSFP optical modules be used on QSFP-DD ports?

A: No. The physical dimensions of QSFP-DD and OSFP optical modules are different, and their gold finger protocols are also different, so they are not compatible.

8. What are the advantages and disadvantages of OSFP and QSFP-DD optical modules?

A: OSFP size can not be compatible with some optical and electrical interfaces, QSFP-DD based on QSFP size, an additional row of electrical pins. Therefore, it can be well backward compatible with 40G and 100G QSFP optical modules, and it is also compatible with QSFP28 optical modules. However, in terms of transmission power, the heat sink of the OSFP optical module is integrated inside the module housing and has a larger heat dissipation surface area than the QSFP-DD optical module, which results in optimal thermal contact between the heat dissipation components and the heat sink, and better heat dissipation performance than the QSFP-DD optical module.

9、How to choose a suitable 400G QSFP-DD optical module?

A: When choosing 400G QSFP-DD optical modules, you need to consider factors such as transmission distance, fiber type, power consumption, and compatibility. In addition, compatibility with other devices should also be ensured.

10、Can Walsun provide 400G optical modules?

A: Yes, welcome to inquire for more information.