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What does test of 400G smooth module measure an instrument to have-
Knowledge Base + 2023.12.12

High-powered sampling oscillograph (smooth / appearance of electric eye graph) seasonable bell restores

The test of electric eye graph of the test of smooth eye graph that oscillograph of high speed sampling basically uses at smooth catapult, smooth module and AOC, the signal calibration that also can be used in prospective report receiver and test of smooth receiver tolerance. The test need of eye graph appearance and the working clock with synchronous signal, should be measured when cannot offerring synchronous and referenced clock, need is smooth / electric clock restores module from be measured restore clock ability to have a test.

Keysight N1000A series is classical sampling oscillograph series is renewed on former 86100D foundation, it can be down the module on platform of compatible and original 86100D, with tall bandwidth and inside buy CDR, the N1060A module combination of PTB function uses be phase of research and development to debug edge tool. N1092 series is smooth / electric sampling oscillograph and N1077A/N1078A light / electric clock restores module is market on compositive the high speed with degree of highest, the most agile function is smooth / electric eye graph checks an instrument.

Its are main index and character are as follows:

  • Single standard / much model smooth mouth checks: Working wavelengh limits 830 to 1600 Nm

  • Smooth passageway rate: Smooth signal of supportive 25G/28Gbps NRZ, 53G/56Gbps PAM4, 106G/112Gbps PAM4 checks

  • Sensitivity: - 11dbm @850nm;-12.5dbm@1310nm

  • Mouth of the report that need branch checks: Compositive difference divides mouth of 50GHz bandwidth report, the electric eye plan that supports 32Gbps NRZ and 64Gbps PAM4 checks

  • Inherent shake: 200fs Rms

  • Clock restores: The light that supports 32Gbps NRZ and 64Gbps PAM4 / electric clock restores

  • Much passageway is patulous: Pass control of computer USB mouth, can join support of software of test of many module; measures module 8 times at most, in all the collateral eye graph of 32 light or electric channel checks.

  • Software function is powerful: Catapult of supportive 100GE 802.3 the test of all sorts of parameter, include to shake TJ, DJ, RJ, PJ, DDJ, ISI, BUJ, j1~J9, UJ, f/2, TI, DI, RI, OMA, q value reachs RIN, the test such as RIN&OMA, the to much model signal TDEC in still including 802.3bm level checks, and the test of parameter of weaveform of 400G PAM4 signal and TDECQ test.

  • Keysight piles up appearance and other and optical appearance to cooperate by accident, can check the pressure tolerance of 100G or 400G smooth receiver, it is the manufacturer that industry can provide all pressure tolerance exclusively to test program, those who made sure future tests a system is flowing upgrade.

High speed PAM4 piles up appearance by accident

High speed piles up appearance to basically be used at smooth catapult by accident (smooth eye pursues) the telegraphic date drive that high quality produces in the test and pile up rate test by accident, belt of the generation in also can be being used at electric receiver and test of smooth receiver tolerance shakes and the telegraphic date test and verify of pressure receives allowance. If undertake smooth eye graph or electric eye graph check merely, the discharge instrument that can use the high quality that passes test and verify produces telegraphic date drive.

Keysight M8040A piles up appearance by accident is the function on market the NRZ with the highest, most agile, the simplest join and PAM4 pile up appearance by accident

Its major attribute and index are as follows:

Signal of high speed report arises: 1 锝?can arise inside stand-alone box the NRZ signal of 2 32Gbps arises, can upgrade the PAM4 signal function of the PAM4 signal of 64Gbps or 128Gbps is used at 400G module test.

Signal of high speed report piles up by accident detect: 1 锝?can support inside stand-alone box the NRZ signal of 2 32Gbps is piled up by accident rate detect, can upgrade the PAM4 of the PAM4 signal of 64Gbps or 128Gbps is piled up by accident rate detect the function is used at 400G module test.

  • Smooth pressure eye checks: Can upgrade the test of smooth pressure eye of smooth module of 100G, 400G and automatic calibration function.

  • Accentuate beforehand: Optional inside buy 4 rank NRZ/PAM4 signal accentuates beforehand.

  • Shake infuse: Optional inside buy the PJ of NRZ/PAM4 signal, RJ, BUJ shake infuse

  • Degree of linearity adjusts: To PAM4 signal Gao Ke adjusts 3 eyes independently.

  • Receiver is balanced: Inside buy is adjustable CTLE equalizer, use at optimizing to be piled up by accident receive.

  • Shake automatically tolerance checks: But basis beforehand infuse of set parameter self-correcting to signal shake frequency and size, go out according to piling up rate change to scan automatically by accident shake tolerance curve.

  • PRBS piles up a type: 2n-1, n=7, 10, 11, 13, 15, 23, 31 wait.

  • Define length of pattern of sling-load oneself (every passageway) : 2Gbit(NRZ) or 1G symbol (PAM4) .

Data sheds quantity instrument

The data test gear that Keysight is heart science and technology inserts the way that tests business board card to finish through instrument engine casing assemble, and according to insertion disparate test business board card provides different test capability. Novus checks business board card to offer QSFP28 port, k400 checks business card to offer QSFP_DD to check interface.

QSFP28 checks business board to block supportive basis IEEE agreement, offer fan to go out (namely FAN-OUT) ability, every QSFP28 interface supports fan to give interface of SFP28 of 4 25GE rate, relevant agreement standard is IEEE 802.3 100GBASE-R, IEEE P802.3bj, IEEE P802.3bm, IEEE P802.3by.

K400 checks business board to block changeover of rate of supportive 400G, 200G, 100G PAM4. Be based on QSFP_DD support is forward error correction (FEC) port statistic, include specificly: Total Bit Errors, max Symbol Errors, corrected Codewords, total Codewords, uncorrectable Codewords, frame Loss Ratio, pre-FEC Bit Error Rate, agreement of And Codeword Error Distribution Analysis; thinks KP4 RS-544.

Support is forward to 400G error correction (FEC) infuse accident.

Supportive L1 BERT checks.