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  • Collect of problem of Yokogawa AQ6370D spectrometer

    Spectrometer is the instrument of the parameter such as a kind of wavelengh that is used at measuring illuminant, power, spectrum, apply extensively at smooth communication, information processing / the domain such as medicine of memory, biology. In these domains, taller and taller to the performance demand of spectrometer, for example span of wavelengh precision, dynamic limits, power. To satisfy

  • Optical module failure: can it continue to transmit optical signals?

    An optical module is a key optical communication component responsible for converting electrical signals into optical signals for transmission. However, optical modules can also malfunction, causing them to not work properly. So, if an optical module is broken, can it still transmit optical signals? In this paper, we will explore the impact of optical module failure on the transmission of optical

  • How to distinguish and choose between EML, DML two kinds of lasers

    First, what are EML and DML lasers?EML lasers, i.e. photoelectric modulation lasers, work based on the photoelectric effect. It modulates the amplitude and phase of the laser by applying a voltage to the semiconductor material, thus realizing high-speed optical modulation.EML lasers have the advantages of high speed, high efficiency, low noise, etc., and have a wide range of applications in the fi

  • The structural characteristic of imitate oscillograph - beautiful beautiful is special

    Of imitate oscillograph overall structureImitate oscillograph is a kind of oscilloscope that uses imitate circuit to serve as a foundation, the component of indication weaveform is CRT picture tube (oscilloscope tube) , it is to compare a kind of commonly used real time to detect undee oscillograph.If plan institute is shown, of typical imitate oscillograph overall structure. Basically control the

  • 100G QSFP28 100km Optical Module Latest Solution

    With the advent of the information age, the speed and distance of data transmission are required to be higher and higher. At present, Walsun has released a new solution with ultra-low cost that can realize 100G ultra-long distance transmission - 100G QSFP28 100km optical module, which is a comprehensive upgrade on 100G ZR4 80km optical module.I. Product Overview100G ZR4 100km is designed for 100km