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  • 6 packaging types of 400G optical modules

    400G optical module and 400G optical module research has gradually become the industry hotspot, many optical module manufacturers have stated that they want to step up research and development to seize the 400G optical module market. Cisco, Finisar, etc. have also predicted that the inevitable choice for the next generation of data centers will be 400G optical modules. Today, WMT will talk about t

  • Optical Module Package Types Overview

    Optical transceiver module (optical transceiver), referred to as optical module, is an important device in optical communication system. There are many types of optical modules, and there are several standard ways to categorize them, such as according to different package forms, different application areas, transmission rates of optical modules, according to the transmission or reception wavelengt

  • MPO/MTP Fiber Optic Patch Cords Overview

    In the face of increasing demand for high-speed, high-capacity optical communication systems, MTP/MPO fiber optic connectors and fiber optic patch cords are the ideal solution to meet the demand for high-density cabling in data centers, which have multiple advantages such as high core count, small size, and high transmission rate. What is MPO? MPO fiber optic patch cable is a combination

  • What is the difference between a male and a female MPO fiber optic patch cable?

    We usually use more optical modules generally for the LC interface or MPO interface, different interfaces of the optical module to use the corresponding interface to connect the jumper, LC interface in all rates of the optical module has its figure, while the MPO interface usually exists in the high speed optical module.MPO patch cords have many types, can be through the number of fiber cores, mal

  • 10G AOC active fiber optic cable and DAC direct connect copper cable which is more suitable for data centers

    Speaking of data center 10G network interconnect solutions, have to mention is 10G AOC active optical cable and 10G DAC direct copper cable, the two cables, which one is more suitable for data centers to use?Let's start with the 10G AOC active fiber optic cable, which uses high-performance fiber core, good bending resistance, bending insensitive, in addition to the use of high-quality ceramic