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Can your optical modules be compatible with Huawei S6720S series switches?
Knowledge Base + 2024.01.29

Your optical modules are compatible with xxx switches? Many customers worry about this when purchasing optical module products. In order to alleviate customers' concerns, we have purchased various brands of switches, including Cisco, Huawei, H3C, HP, Juniper, Alcatel, Mikrotik, Arista, Aruba, VOLKTEK, etc. Before shipping, the products undergo strict testing to ensure the compatibility and performance of the optical modules. Today, we will share with you the verification and optical module configuration plan for our Huawei S6720S switch.

As data centers are evolving towards higher speeds such as 100G or 200G, 10G/40G optical modules are still prevalent because many scenarios only require 10G or 40G. In today's fiercely competitive environment, people's demands for quality are increasing. To adapt to this trend, Walsun improves product quality by subjecting optical modules to rigorous testing to ensure compatibility and performance.

The Huawei S6720S-26Q-LI-24S-A switch is a 10 Gigabit Ethernet switch with transmission rates of 100/1000/10000Mbps, 40000Mbps, featuring 24×10GE SFP+ ports and 2×40GE QSFP+ ports. Therefore, compatible optical modules for it include 10G SFP+ and 40G QSFP+.

Recommended optical module configurations for the Huawei S6720S-26Q-LI-24S-A switch:

Optical Modules for Use with Huawei S6720S-26Q-LI-24S-A Switch:



Screenshots of on-machine verification shared below:


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