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  • How to choose a reliable optical module manufacturer

    In recent years, due to the endless emergence of optical modules on the market, people are dazzled, so many people in the choice of hanging optical modules, do not know how to find the right optical module manufacturers. In fact, choose the right manufacturer, the later cooperation will be more worrying and trouble-free, so how should we choose a reliable optical module manufacturers?1, see whethe

  • What is the difference between a Gigabit optical module and a 10 Gigabit optical module?

    As we all know, there are various types of modules, the most typical of which include gigabit optical module and 10 gigabit optical module. Through the literal meaning we can understand that the main difference between gigabit optical module and 10 gigabit optical module is that the transmission rate is not the same. The transmission rate of Gigabit optical bai module is 1000Mbps, while the transm

  • How to use SFP optical modules with switches

    As we all know, many enterprises want to carry out network deployment, and their data centers can not be built without optical modules and switches. Ltd. is a professional optical module manufacturers. What is the main role of the optical module? Mainly used for electronic signals and light signals do not light to carry out the transformation, while the network switch is the light electronic signa

  • Optical module common faults and solutions

    Customers in the use of optical modules will more or less encounter a variety of failure problems, such as optical module model selection is correct, the use of jumper is correct and some common problems, customers have the ability to judge and have a clear solution, but for some of the use of failure problems, such as transmission abnormalities, etc., many customers do not know how to troubleshoo

  • How to Solve Optical Module Compatibility Problems

    All the indicators correspond to the same standard optical module, according to the different manufacturers, the actual production of optical modules are also different. But in general, the same standard optical modules made by various optical module manufacturers are all fully functional, so why do optical modules still have incompatibility problems when they are put into practical use?The produc