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  • What is the difference between optical modules and fiber optic transceivers?

    Optical modules and fiber optic transceivers, both of which are devices for photoelectric conversion, what is the difference between them? Nowadays, many intelligent projects used in long-distance data transmission basically use fiber optic transmission. And the connection between the optical module and fiber optic transceiver to achieve. So, how to connect between the two, what do I need to pay a

  • 6 Common 40G QSFP+ Optical Module Models

    In recent years, cloud computing and big data have created a boom in China, and in order to provide sufficient bandwidth, many access switches have evolved to core switches that can connect to 40G Ethernet. The rapid development of interconnecting data transmission cannot be separated from 40G optical modules, as it can provide enough bandwidth to ensure unimpeded data conversion to meet the needs

  • Difference between industrial grade optical modules and commercial grade optical modules

    Optical modules can be categorized into commercial grade (0°C to 70°C), extended grade (-20°C to 85°C), and industrial grade (-40°C to 85°C) according to the different operating temperature ranges. Industrial-grade optical modules are optical modules that can be used in harsh high and low-temperature operating environments, and have advantages such as high durability and adaptability.Industrial-gr

  • Frequently Asked Questions about Electrical Port Module SFP-GE-T

    The electrical port module SFP-GE-T is a common network device used to realize the conversion of optical and electrical signals. In the process of using the electrical port module SFP-GE-T, you may encounter some problems. This article will answer some common questions and provide some tips for you to use.I. How to use the electrical port module SFP-GE-T?Using the electrical port module SFP-GE-T i

  • Gigabit Multimode SFP-GE-SX Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

    With the rapid development of the Internet and mobile devices, people's demand for network communication is increasing. In order to meet the network communication needs in different scenarios, various types of network transmission technologies have emerged.As an advanced network transmission technology, Gigabit Multimode SFP-GE-SX stands out in the field of network communication with its high-