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  • What is the difference between EML and DML lasers? How to choose?

    Both EML (External Cavity Laser) and DML (Distributed Feedback Laser) lasers play an important role in optical modules for optical communications and other optoelectronic applications.I. What are EML and DML lasers?EML lasers, or electro-optic modulated lasers, work based on the photoelectric effect. It modulates the amplitude and phase of the laser by applying a voltage to the semiconductor mater

  • 400G OSFP To QSFP-DD DAC Latest Product Solution

    The rapid development of technology cannot be separated from high-speed and high-bandwidth data transmission. Traditional 10 Gigabit Ethernet can no longer meet this demand, so 400G Ethernet technology has become a new hot spot. The 400G OSFP To QSFP-DD DAC cable, as a key component of the connector, has also come to the fore.Figure400G QSFP-DDProduct Features:400Gbps OSFP To QSFP-DD Passive High

  • Are 1.25G Optical Modules and 10G Optical Modules Compatible?

    Optical modules play a key role in transmitting signals in network communication. In different network environments, we often face the situation of choosing optical modules with different transmission rates.1.25G optical module, SFP optical module, can be simply understood as an upgraded version of GBIC, which is only 1/2 the size of GBIC module, this design greatly increases the port density of n

  • Is a 1.25g optical module a gigabit module?

    1.25g optical module is a gigabit module. 1.25G optical module is also known as GE (Gigabit) optical module, that is, optical transceiver module, the English name OpticalModle. optical module is usually composed of optical transmitter devices (TOSA, including lasers), optical receiver devices (ROSA, including photodetectors), functional circuits, and optical (electrical) interfaces and other compo

  • What is a 100 Gigabit Singlemode SFP-FE-LX Optical Module?

    The 100 Gigabit Single-Mode Optical Module SFP-FE-LX is an optoelectronic converter module with SFP (Small Form-factor Pluggable) interface that supports 100 Gigabit Ethernet standard. The module supports up to 15 km of single-mode fiber transmission distance. It features high reliability, low power consumption, hot-swappable, and fast response to ensure network transmission efficiency and securit