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  • How to Deal with a Forgotten Console Password on Ruijie Switches

    一、Network RequirementsIf the administrator forgets the login password and cannot access the configuration mode for setup, then the use of a configuration cable to enter the CTRL layer for password recovery is necessary.二、Network Topology三、Configuration Key Points        1.To perform password recovery, prepare a configuration cable (console cable). During the password recovery p

  • Optical module working temperature is too high or too low on the use of what effect

    Optical module as an important part of fiber optic communications, only to ensure its stable operation to ensure the normal operation of optical networks.The working temperature of the optical module has a greater impact on the use of optical modules, if the working temperature of the optical module is too high or too low, there will generally be a decline in optical power, low sensitivity, poor e

  • Huawei eSFP-GE-SX-MM850 Gigabit Optical Module Overview

    The eSFP-GE-SX-MM850 optical module is a Huawei Gigabit multimode optical module with DOM/DDM support, which is packaged in an SFP package with a center wavelength of 850 nm. When used with multimode optical fiber (LC/PC-LC/PC OM2), the transmission distance can reach up to 550 m, the transmission rate is 1.25 Gbps, and the interface type is LC Duplex.Next, to introduce the eSFP-GE-SX-MM850 optica

  • What is a modular UPS?

    A modular UPS is a solution where the UPS power supply is broken down into a number of individual modules. Each module includes one or more battery packs, inverters, rectifiers and other required components, and the number of modules can be increased or decreased at any time based on demand. Through parallel technology, multiple modules can operate together to provide a highly reliable and scalabl

  • Common Issues and Solutions for SFP-GE-T Electrical Interface Modules

    The electrical port module SFP-GE-T is a common network device used to realize the conversion of optical and electrical signals. In the process of using the electrical port module SFP-GE-T, you may encounter some problems. This article will answer some common questions and provide some tips for you to use.I. How to use the electrical port module SFP-GE-T?Using the electrical port module SFP-GE-T i