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  • Troubleshooting and Repair Techniques for DC Power Supply Modules

    Troubleshooting and Repair Tips for BOSHIDA DC Power ModulesTroubleshooting and repair tips:Troubleshooting and Repair Tips for DC Power Module1. Check the power cord connection: First check if the power cord is properly connected to the power module and the power outlet. Ensure that the plug is firmly in contact and check that the socket is energized.2. Check the input voltage: Use a voltmeter to

  • Installation and Maintenance Guide for Gigabit Optical Modules and 10 Gigabit Optical Modules

    Introduction to Optical ModulesAs an essential component of network communication, optical modules have been widely used in various scenarios such as data centers, enterprise LANs, and WANs. An optical module is an optoelectronic conversion device that transmits data by converting electrical signals into optical signals. Common types of optical modules include SFP, SFP+, SFP28, QSFP, QSFP28, etc.

  • Troubleshooting Methods for Gigabit Optical Modules and 10 Gigabit Optical Modules

    In the formation of modern networks, optical modules are essential equipment, of which Gigabit optical modules and 10 Gigabit optical modules are popular because of their high speed and stable transmission rate and wide applicability. However, the failure of optical modules is a common problem during use, which not only affects the network quality, but also may lead to network interruption. The fo

  • Main causes of optical module failure and protective measures

    Optical modules in the application must have standardized operating methods, any irregular action may cause hidden damage or permanent failure.The main reason for the failure of the optical module is the main reason for the failure of the optical module ESD damage caused by the deterioration of the performance of the optical module, as well as the optical port contamination and damage caused by th

  • 400G Data Center Short Reach Optical Interconnect Solution: 400G SR8 VS 400G SR4.2

    As data center network traffic continues to grow, there is a need to provide higher bandwidth and higher density optical interconnect solutions. 400G optical modules, as the core product for data centers, feature high bandwidth, low latency, and high reliability, and are the key to realizing high-speed interconnections between equipment within the data center. Among many 400G optical modules, 400G