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Mobile New Model Group Releases Far Cry 5G R17
Knowledge Base + 2023.12.12

Move far communication near future rolled out the new generation that accords with standard of 3GPP Release 17 series of RG650E of group of model of 5GNR of industry plan step and RG650V series. 5G product takes the place of before be being compared, the 5GR17 model group that rolls out this transmits capacity of rate, network, power comsumption in data, when delay and super- the performance on dependability is more excellent, can satisfy 5G easily fixed and wireless receive (FWA) , increase model mobile broadband (the perpendicular market of the rapid growth such as EMBB) and industrial automation is right the higher demand of wireless communication ability.

Move far RG650E and RG650V series are based on X75 of tall Tong Xiaolong and X72 5G modem and radio frequency system respectively, supportive 5G is not independent group net (NSA) and independent group net (SA) two kinds of mode, among them, below Sub-6GHz spectrum, bandwidth of 300MHz of RG650E highest support, bandwidth of 200MHz of RG650V highest support.

Brave dragon X75 is the whole world modem of first 5G Advanced-ready and radio frequency system.

On hardware configuration, RG650E and RG650V interior are compositive processor of 4 nucleuses A55, support group of carrier of 5G be issued to lower levels, make implementation of 5G communication rate promotes considerably.

In addition, move far can offer the SoC solution that covers with RG650x model matched stack, this plan supports newest Wi-Fi 7 technology, can promote the transmission of client application rate greatly, when reducing, delay, enhance integral network capacity. In the meantime, group of this series model also supports OpenWRT, be aimed at network road by the function, support wider superstratum zoology application.

Below the support of RG650x correlated characteristics, RG650x will correspond fiber-opticly through rivalling function, bring more stable, fluent 5G network experience for a series of very high to network speed requirement industry, enterprise and domestic application. For instance:

  • FWA equipment, include route of gateway of CPE, family, enterprise gateway, industry by implement, mobile heat;

  • EMBB terminal, include equipment of high-definition video living broadcast, AR / VR, unmanned aircraft to wait;

  • Industrial automation applies, include to guide automatically make carriage car (AGV) , long-range control and robot.

RG650x series support connects fixed position high to cover open GNSS hardware high with the 9th generation (can support GPS, BeiDou, Galileo, GLONASS, NavIC and QZSS) at the same time, in simplify greatly products plan while, still can offer below all sorts of use environments faster, more the fixed position with accurate, honester essence of life serves.

For development of farther convenient client, group of this series model is many more compositive industrial standard interface, wait like USXGMII, PCIe, USB 2.0/ 3.0/ 3.1, PCM, support VoLTE and VoNR at the same time (the home of IT notes: Video of 5G freeboard voiceless sound communicates) wait for a function.

Besides group of high-powered 5G model, move far still can offer a series of aerial products that match to it for the client, help client optimizes network join efficiency, simplify equipment develops a process. These days line but beforehand compositive in move far model inter block, accelerate a product to appear on the market time, reduce the common problem in developing a process.