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How to use Keysight 86100D to check a figure- What application setting is there-
Knowledge Base + 2023.12.12

Keysight 86100D checks a figure (86100A/B/C manages together)

1、 Choose proper hardware configuration, according to your signal type and rate, choose the module that corresponding bandwidth, sensitivity and clock restore. For example, to be as high as the PAM-4 signal of 32 GBaud, the 86108B of electric bandwidth module that you can choose double 50 GHz or the 86105D-281 of optical bandwidth module of 34 GHz

2、 Join your signal source and DCA-X lead plane, open FlexDCA user interface. Choose Eye/Mask mode, had installed spark, time base, perpendicular with horizontal parameter.

3、 Below Eye/Mask mode, can cross-eye graph undertakes all sorts of measurement, include a wide, key point tall, eye noise of n amplitude, n, n is deflective, deflective etc, also can use inside the model of standard attack by surprise of buy or from the definition model of attack by surprise undertakes model of attack by surprise checks.

4、 If need to undertake more thorough analysis to PAM-4 signal, can use 86100D-9FP PAM-N to analyse software, it can provide more functions, if degree of linearity is measured, analysis of equalizer setting, phasic noise.

5、 If need to undertake to PAM-4 signal extent is analysed shaking mixing, can use 86100D-200/300 software option, it can undertake shaking accurately to IEEE JP03 mode spectrum, shake heft and extent heft analysis.

6、 If need to undertake going to PAM-4 signal built-in, built-in or emulate, can use, be added on the signal that it can let you are being measured or be emulated or move except passageway effect.

Aglient 86100D has what application setting

86100D is a high-powered broadband oscillograph, it can undertake be mixinged accurately to design of high speed number accurate measurement, arrive from 50 Mb/s exceed 80 Gb/s. It has setting of the following kinds of application:

1、 Optics is sent and receive implement design and manufacturing test, it can provide the function such as test of model of a chart analysis, referenced receiver, attack by surprise, and the measurement that accords with all sorts of occupation standard.

2、 The design of electronic ASIC/FPGA/IC and token, it can offer undee analysis, shake the function such as setting of analysis, phasic noise analysis, equalizer, and go the built-in, ability that embed or emulates signal.

3、 The design of serial bus line of TDR/TDT/S- parameter, cable and PCB passageway token, it can offer time domain to reflex / transmission impedance and S- parameter are measured, and to passageway effect go built-in, built-in or emulate.

What other function does KEYSIGHT 86100D have?

Outside the function that 86100D goes to besides my premise, still have a few other functions, according to demand, listed the following:

1、 It can be offerred go integratedly embedding / built-in function, licence of use 86100D-SIM InfiniiSim-DCA, can have purify or the effect that add circuit or parts of an apparatus to signal, assess the quality of signal well and truly thereby.

2、 It can offer advanced signal processing, for example filter wave, FFT, poor cent and market are successful can, can have different commutation and operation to signal, so that analyse the character of signal better.

3、 It can offer new measurement function, include data wide systole of relevant arteries and veins (DDPWS) , not relevant shake (UJ) , J2, J9 is waited a moment, can be opposite of signal shake and noise undertakes more thorough analysis is mixed quantify.

4、 It can provide phasic noise / shake spectrum analysis, phasic Suo Dinghuan (PLL) analysis, analyse from the definition (MATLAB) wait for a function, can synchronous to the phasic stability of signal, clock sex, wait from definition algorithm undertake more professional assessment is mixed optimize.