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100G CFP2 Optical Module Types and Solutions
Knowledge Base + 2023.12.13

In the past two years, due to the optical industry to "100G network deployment" as the center of the development of 100G optical modules in the data center market can be rapid development. Currently on the market to launch the 100G optical module types are: CXP optical module, CFP optical module, CFP2 optical module, CFP4 optical module and QSFP28 optical module.

Construction of 25G/100G data center requires a large number of 100G optical modules, which account for a relatively high proportion of network construction costs, what are the 100G optical module standards, and how do we choose? Today Walsun 100G CFP2 optical module for you to start a simple comb.

First, 100G CFP2 optical module background

CFP was first proposed for short-haul transmission using the 100GBASE-SR10 standard, and for long-haul transmission using the 100GBASE-LR4. Because the electrical interface capacity is only CAUI-10, a built-in Gearbox is needed to realize the conversion of 10 x 10Gbps and 4 x 25Gbps electrical signals.

Since the CFP size is too big, with the increasing integration of optical modules, the later development direction is to make the size smaller and lower power consumption, CFP can be evolved to CFP2, CFP4. CFP2 module is only half the size of the CFP module, which can support 10 channels of 10G, 4 channels of 25G, 8 channels of 25G, and 8 channels of 50G. 100G CFP2 is commonly used The 100G CFP2 is commonly used for 100G Ethernet interconnect links, providing higher transmission efficiency than CFP modules, and its smaller size makes it suitable for higher density cabling. With the upgrading of electrical signals to CAUI-4, the built-in Gearbox is not required in second-generation CFP (CFP2/CFP4) long-haul transport solutions.

CFP/CFP2/CFP4/QSFP28 optical module size comparison:


Second, 100G CFP2 optical module types

1、100G CFP2 SR10

100G CFP2 SR10 is a 10-channel full-duplex transceiver module in a hot-swappable CFP package, with a transmission distance of up to 300m (OM3) or 400m (OM4) over 24-core MPO multimode fiber (OM3/OM4). It is widely used in 100G Ethernet (100GBASE-SR10) and metro optical transport network (OTN OTU4).

2、100G CFP2 LR4

100G CFP2 LR4 optical module supports 100GbE and OTU4 data transmission over 10km single-mode fiber, using four EML lasers and PIN receivers and WDM technology to multiplex four different wavelengths on a single fiber transmission, the optical module is compliant with the CFP MSA and the IEEE 802.3ba* 100GBASE-LR4. It can be digitally monitored and controlled by MDIO. MDIO for digital monitoring function.

3、100G CFP2 ER4

100G CFP2 ER4 adopts hot-swappable CFP2 package, equipped with 4-channel cooled LAN-WDM EML laser and PIN ROSA (built-in SOA amplifier), and the transmission distance can reach up to 40km through single-mode fiber OS2.

C. 100G CFP2 Optical Module Solution

CFP2 usually provides two solutions for 100G applications, as shown in the figure below:


100G CFP2 ZR4 is an upgraded version of 100G CFP2 ER4, which still adopts the traditional 25G NRZ modulation technology, and can provide cost-effective solutions for 100G data center interconnect (DCI) within 60km (when FEC is not turned on) or 80km (when FEC is turned on), as well as for 100G optical transport networks (OTNs); 100G CFP2 adopts the Coherent modulation technology supports ultra-long-haul transmission, making it one of the few choices for 100G optical transmission applications from 80km up to 2000km.