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100G ZR4 80km Optical Module Solution
Knowledge Base + 2023.12.12

With the development of optical networks, especially after the emergence of 5G networks, data transmission has risen dramatically, and 100G optical modules are gradually widely used in various optical networks to rapidly improve the transmission capacity and rate of optical networks.

For applications over 10km in 100G networks, there are two main solutions: 100G ER4 (40km), 100G ZR4 (80km), using QSFP28 for 100G transmission over distances greater than 40km traditionally indicates adding dispersion compensation/optical amplification, using coherent optics-based optical transmission systems, or deploying more more 40km QSFP28 100G modules and devices between repeater locations. All of these approaches add cost, complexity and power consumption.

I. Product Overview

Walsun's 100G ZR4 80km module adopts 4-way 28G NRZ wavelength-division multiplexing (LWDM4) technology, is a duplex LC optical interface, and is widely used in 100G ZR4 Ethernet links, with a transmission distance of up to 80km over a pair of single-mode fibers when the system is turned on FEC.

Working Principle

100G ZR4 80km Optical Module At the transmitting end, the four-channel serial data is recovered by CDR and passed to the four laser drivers. At the receiving end, the optical signals of the four channels are amplified by SOA, and then the optical signals are demultiplexed by the integrated optical demultiplexer. Each optical signal recovery is performed by a PIN detector and finally passed to the CAUI-4 compliant output drivers via transimpedance amplifiers and CDRs.


III. Product Details

l Compliant with 100GBASE-ZR4

l Supports line speeds from 103.125 Gb/s to 111.81 Gb/s OTU4

l LAN WDM EML lasers and PIN receivers with SOA

l Center wavelength of 1310nm

l G.652 SMF up to 80 kilometers

QSFP28 MSA compatible

Duplex LC optical interface

l RoHS compliant and lead-free

3.3V operating voltage

l Maximum power consumption 6.5W

Applicable Scenarios

100G ZR4 80km single-mode fiber transmission through duplex LC connector, suitable for long distance, high-capacity fiber optic communication system, fiber optic local area network and various fiber optic sensors and other high-capacity fiber optic communication, suitable for fiber optic switches, fiber optic routers, servers, storage devices, and other various devices.