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Huawei eSFP-GE-SX-MM850 Gigabit Optical Module Overview
Knowledge Base + 2024.01.27

The eSFP-GE-SX-MM850 optical module is a Huawei Gigabit multimode optical module with DOM/DDM support, which is packaged in an SFP package with a center wavelength of 850 nm. When used with multimode optical fiber (LC/PC-LC/PC OM2), the transmission distance can reach up to 550 m, the transmission rate is 1.25 Gbps, and the interface type is LC Duplex.

Next, to introduce the eSFP-GE-SX-MM850 optical module parameters and Gigabit multi-mode optical module (ES8512-3LCD05) can be compatible with Huawei switches which models?

1、Parameter information of eSFP-GE-SX-MM850 Optical Module

2、Features of the eSFP-GE-SX-MM850 optical module:

SFP-GE-SX-MM850 optical module belongs to multi-mode optical module; Support 1.25G network data transmission; Comply with SFP MSA standard, IEEE 802.3z standard, ROHS standard; Support digital diagnostic function in accordance with SFF-8472 protocol; Support hot-swappable and low loss; Metal casing makes it have better EMI characteristics.

3、Application of eSFP-GE-SX-MM850 Optical Module:

It is mainly used in 1000BASE-SX data transmission network, and can also be used at the interface of router or server.

4、What are the models of Huawei S5700 series and S5720 series switches that Walsun's Gigabit Multimode Optical Module (ES8512-3LCD05) can be compatible with? The models and ports of the switches are described in the following table.


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