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How to use correct oscilloscope- The basic knowledge of oscillograph
Knowledge Base + 2023.12.12

Oscillograph is a kind use technically at testing equipment type and the equipment that search all sorts of electronic circuit breakdown. It is very useful in long circuit, arrive from imitate circuit radio circuit.

It master the basic knowledge that how uses oscilloscope is very important to master the basic knowledge that how uses oscilloscope, such you can make full use of it. Let us introduce to use a few useful measure that oscillograph should know correctly mainly:

The first pace is through opening power source uses any device. The switching equipment that mark is power source or circuitry will be usable on equipment. You need to press over there practicable switchs on the mobile phone pushbutton.

Power source indicator light or indicator light will appear after equipment power supply.

After the power source pushbutton that opens facility, you should await oscillograph to show A to have this process.

Today's a few oscillograph have the dimensional; that is based on semiconductor on the other hand, some are comprised by the CRT, warm-up of period of time needs before exhibit.

The monitor of two kinds of types needs occurrence; of time warm-up ability accordingly, you may need to await ability about one minute to use oscilloscope.

Show after showing, you need to get ready search dog. This is the first phase of use oscillograph, because other weaveform can see on screen, but before this, you should find out trace hard.

For this, you can be in a center through installing its and completely anticlockwise maintain trigger to operate trigger.

Now, you still need to pass will other accuse place the level that is in a center and perpendicular position to install other accuse. Right now, dog meet an emergency is visible; but, if did not find trace, can search by beam of light implement pushbutton has fixed position.

After finding trace is in the level the position sets gain control next. Should set gain control, so that anticipate arboreous and OK cram is perpendicular screen.

The weaveform that anticipates suppose is peak value of peak of 8 bend over about, screen is 10 centimeters of; about in the height of calibration part next, you need to be gain control setting CM of 1 bend over. The kind that begins from now will be 8 centimeters, this will hold screen.

After setting gain control, you need to set the rate that is based on time, this depends on the content that you need to see on screen.

The periodic time of hypothesis weaveform is 10 millisecond; next, the width of screen may be 12 centimeters. Right now, time and basic rate will be every centimeters of one millisecond.

After the setting is based on the speed of time, you need to use signal, can see picture now.

Bring to bear on after signal, you need to adjust touching hair n is in order to find out it to edge of negative still Xiang Bian. The weaveform of time base will by touch hair n to control control, begin to dog on weaveform next.

Whether should affirmatory trigger be located in to or reason of negative Xiang Bian is very main also, so that can undertake according to wants picture,adjust.

Finally, there was undee list now, you are OK readjust is perpendicular gain and the image that are based on the control of time to need in order to win place.

Mode of job of digital memory oscillograph:

Digital memory oscillograph is famed with operating mode 3 kinds to work: Mode of type, memory mixes scroll model to maintain or save mode. Scroll mode is used at showing the signal of fast wave motion apparently on screen. In this kind of operation of DSO mode falls, input signal is sparked far from.

This kind of end that handles mode is similar to the average order of CRO. After the input is finished, dog will show go up in screen. This mode is used at surveillant weaveform and the character that its have. Allegedly it is one of the most fundamental operation pattern when the number stores oscillograph works.

Memory mode is used at be signal memory in memory, maintain or save mode to conduce to an user withholding data period of time, till data memory is in memory. Digital memory oscillograph still has a few otherer working mode.

These mode are refresh mode, odd second mode and equivalent time mode. When undee sampling rate becomes very high, refresh mode is used with respect to meeting investment. The other time that uses this pattern is repeat when interested weaveform or almost similar when. Digital memory oscillograph in order to produce outdated and have longer of sweep time spark show and famed.

Basic oscillograph control and term:

Before operating oscillograph, understanding accuses basically very important, such you can make full use of it operates it well.

When we talk about oscillograph, well-known fact is, it needs more and more accusing, so that you can obtain a needed signal view.

Let us understand these accusing, so that we can get weaveform correctly:

The perpendicular position in 1.DSO:

The perpendicular position on muscle grading controls the position that is used at controlling trace.

If signal is not phrase, the place that finds trace is very important. To measure 0 above are mixed 0 the following data positions, a convenient client end was set on scale, so that can be measured conveniently.

Perpendicular position still is had equivalent horizontal position accuses, have the aid of should accuse can set horizontal position. Should accuse should install in convenient position, so that obtain true time measured value.

2. perpendicular gain:

Perpendicular gain is the practicable on oscillograph accuses, it can change have the aid of the gain of amplifier.

This is foregone the measurement that is used at controlling the signal that should obtain on vertical axis. The volt with similar ground of vertical axis signal / centimeter number undertakes calibration. Perpendicular game increases, increase the scope of the visible weaveform that shows on screen through setting perpendicular gain control, in order to obtain every centimeters of inferior voltage.

Perpendicular game is installed normally to get the weaveform with perpendicular and planar fill. The undee data field on perpendicular plane should as far as possible earth fill, and won't exceed the calibration area that area sees on screen.

3. trigger:

Trigger accuses the site that is used at the setting to be able to sweep draw weaveform. When incidentally when the form has achieved n of a certain voltage, we need to install trigger in similar oscillograph, so that it can begin scanning.

Pass such doing, undee scanning begins periodicly for a short while together in its, and still can show stable weaveform on screen. Touch hair voltage through the change, the differentia that can go up from weaveform begins the scanning to wavelengh.

This accuses have the aid of, you can be installed is to want what go up in weaveform edge still is lost to trigger of the setting on the edge. This can be finished through an alone switch, this switch is offerred on oscillograph and mark has plus and minus sign.

4. time base:

The control option on oscillograph is used at setting the time of screen scanning speed.

Accuse here in, the specific time that allows its calibration in screen captain. Pass such doing, can calculate the weaveform on screen is periodic.

Assume undee complete cycle is finished inside 10 small seconds, so the cycle that installs inside about 10 small seconds, according to time paragraph frequency and time reciprocal.

5. beam of light searchs implement:

Most oscillograph all the time amid is found use at the function that dog. Dog the likelihood is sightless on screen. This is beam of light is searched implement the use on pushbutton clique when, because you need to press pushbutton can discover existence only, adjust its screen next in the center of.

6.Spark defer:

It is related to trigger function accuse basically one of. It calls trigger delay, because it is met,be defer trigger, spark prematurely after the scanning that before finishing, finishs in order to prevent.

Oscillograph needs to spark defer function, have the place that a few oscillograph may spark because of weaveform. Come here through adjusting function, you can enable stable indication.

These are you need carries out a few accuse, in order to master the basic knowledge about operation oscillograph. These accusing the oscillograph that the function is similar to every kinds of type. But, they are likely because of a kind of oscillograph different.

The number stores oscillograph measures:

The number stores oscillograph is instrument of word of one class number, offer the signal that is based on time to show. Below this kind of circumstance, monitor more resembling is the chart that indication voltage changes along with time, is not undee.

This function can realize weaveform to show the multiform analysis that cannot carry out. The number stores oscillograph uses the computer to measure, the number stores current blame often uses oscilloscope.

The number stores oscillograph is the modern version of imitate oscillograph. The main characteristic of this equipment is can be data storage in memory and show with time scale go up in screen.