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  • SC interface optical module some knowledge

    SC interface optical module that the interface type is SC optical module, must be used with SC interface jumpers to normal use, SC optical module interface fastening method is used to plug the pin latch type, do not need to rotate, very convenient to use.Classification of SC Optical ModuleSC optical module compared to LC optical module and MPO optical module used less frequently, SC optical module

  • 2.5G Wavelength 1310nm Can you transmit 60km?

    We know that the transmission distance of an optical module is determined by many factors, such as wavelength, rate, transmit optical power, receive sensitivity and a series of indicators, all of which affect the transmission rate of the optical module, which we have explained in detail in previous articles.Recently a customer asked, in the case of the specified rate and wavelength, whether the ta

  • What is the difference between a silicon optical module and a regular optical module?

    Silicon optical module is based on silicon as a substrate, is the use of silicon photonics technology to realize the integrated preparation of photonic devices. The most important feature of silicon optical module is that it has high-speed signal transmission and strong anti-interference ability.At present, silicon optical modules are mainly used in high-bandwidth computing, high-speed data storag

  • What's the difference between Gigabit Optical Module vs 10 Gigabit Optical Module

    With the continuous progress of information technology and the expansion of application scenarios, the network's demand for higher bandwidth and faster transmission speeds is becoming more and more urgent. In the process of meeting this demand, Gigabit optical modules and 10Gb optical modules have attracted much attention as two important choices. In this paper, we will focus on the characteri

  • What is an industrial grade optical module?

    Many people may not know that the optical module is an indispensable part of all network connectivity deployments. The emergence of a product often corresponds to market demand, we usually come into contact with most of the optical modules can only meet the commercial data center network deployment, so how to meet the realization of large-scale industrial network deployment? In this case, industri