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  • What is the difference between an RJ-45 interface and a fiber optic interface?

    Switch (Switch) means "switch" is a network device used for electrical (optical) signal forwarding. It provides an exclusive electrical signal path for any two network nodes connected to the switch. The most common type of switch is the Ethernet switch. Other common ones are telephone voice switches, fiber optic switches, etc.Switches are very widely used network equipment, multiple netw

  • What are the SFP and QSFP ports on the switch?

    SFP (SmallFormPluggable) can be simple to understand for the GBIC (the abbreviation of GigabitInterfaceConverter) upgraded version, is a one billion - bit electrical signals into optical signal interface device, can use hot plug. GBIC is an interchangeable product that meets international standards. Gigabit switches with GBIC interface design occupy a large market share in the market due to their

  • How to choose an appropriate optical fiber jumper for the QSFP-DD 800G optical module

    According to different transmission distances, 800G QSFP-DD optical modules are divided into SR, DR, FR, LR, ER and ZR, which can achieve different distance transmission on single mode (SMF) fiber or multi-mode fiber (MMF). In general, two 800G QSFP-DD optical modules are inserted respectively into the corresponding switch ports, and then connected with a single mode or multi-mode optical fiber to

  • what is 400G QSFP-DD optical module?

    QSFP-DD(Quad Small Form Factor Pluggable-Double Density) is a high-speed pluggable module package defined by the QSFP-DD MSA team, and is the first choice for 400G optical module packaging. Enable data centers to efficiently grow and scale cloud capacity as needed.peculiarityQSFP forward and backward compatible, compatible with existing QSFP28 optical modules and AOC/DAC.Using 8-channel electrical

  • How does fiber optic connect to computer?

    Fiber optic cables connect to computers to transmit data using light signals. Here's a simplified explanation:Transmitter: Data from the computer is converted into light signals by a device called a transmitter.Fiber Optic Cable: The light signals then travel through a thin glass or plastic fiber optic cable. These cables are designed to carry light over long distances with minimal signal loss