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What is a 100G SWDM4 Optical Module?
Knowledge Base + 2024.01.30

The 100G SWDM4 optical module is a high-speed data transmission optical module that utilizes Short Wavelength Division Multiplexing (SWDM) signals with four different wavelengths for transmission. The four wavelength bands are 850nm, 880nm, 910nm, and 940nm. Each wavelength supports different transmission distances, and the specific distance needs to be configured based on the actual scenario. The 100G SWDM4 optical module can achieve a data transmission speed of 100Gbps, making it highly suitable for data centers, cloud computing, and other high-performance computing applications. Here is a brief overview of the key features of the 100G SWDM4 optical module:

        Transmission Rate: 100Gbps, providing a higher transmission rate compared to conventional 10G/25G optical modules. It meets the high-speed transmission requirements in modern large-scale data centers and networks.

        Transmission Distance: Utilizing Short Wavelength Division Multiplexing technology, it can achieve a transmission distance of 150m, meeting the needs of some short-distance transmission scenarios.

        Density: SWDM technology reduces the number of optical fibers by 75% to achieve the same level of 100G speed, reducing cable management and suitable for higher-density applications. This significantly improves network resource utilization and reduces costs.

The applications of 100G SWDM4 are extensive, including high-performance computing, data centers, cloud computing, virtual data centers, and large enterprise networks. These environments require high-speed, high-density, and low-power optical modules for efficient data transmission and processing. Using the 100G SWDM4 optical module can enhance data transmission speed and efficiency, serving as a crucial means to ensure stable and secure data transfer.

In summary, the 100G SWDM4 optical module is a high-speed, low-power, high-density optical module with significant development potential."

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