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What is the range of light failure of optical module
Knowledge Base + 2024.02.02

There is a range limit for the light harvesting power of the optical module of the network equipment, when the light power is lower than the allowable range, the phenomenon of network packet loss will occur, affecting the quality of network communication; when the light power is higher than the allowable range, it will shorten the life of the optical module, or even damage the optical module. Therefore, in the process of network maintenance, we must always check the data of the optical power received to ensure that it is within the normal allowed range.

A quick check of the power range of commonly used optical modules

1、1000M-SFP properties (GigabitEthernet type)


2、10G XFP optical module properties (GigabitEthernet type)


3、10G XFP optical module attributes (POS type)


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