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How to choose a reliable optical module manufacturer
Knowledge Base + 2024.01.24

In recent years, due to the endless emergence of optical modules on the market, people are dazzled, so many people in the choice of hanging optical modules, do not know how to find the right optical module manufacturers. In fact, choose the right manufacturer, the later cooperation will be more worrying and trouble-free, so how should we choose a reliable optical module manufacturers?

1, see whether there is a complete optical module manufacturer qualification

An optical module manufacturer has a variety of quality system certification qualifications, such as CE, ROHS, FCC, etc., and was confirmed by ISO9001: 2008, these qualifications are the first condition to ensure product quality.

2, the first thing to look at whether there is a high-quality production base

Optical module manufacturers must of course have the conditions of manufacturers, large-scale production bases, a full set of production facilities, superior storage conditions, high-quality production base is very important to product quality.

3, see if there is a comprehensive testing system

Production conditions are good, the production of products there will be quality hazards, the need for a comprehensive testing system for the production of products for in-depth testing, in order to further ensure product quality.

4, to see whether it can do unconditional return and exchange of goods

General manufacturers will provide 15 days of return in the event of any unmanned damage to the product, but there are some manufacturers can do goods without any problems, provide 60 days of return service.

5, see if there is a longer warranty service

The service life of an optical module is 5 years, in the first year of use basically will not have any problems, and in the second or third year will appear, only a few quality-assured optical module manufacturers warranty period of up to 3 years.