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How to use SFP optical modules with switches
Knowledge Base + 2024.01.24

As we all know, many enterprises want to carry out network deployment, and their data centers can not be built without optical modules and switches. Ltd. is a professional optical module manufacturers. What is the main role of the optical module? Mainly used for electronic signals and light signals do not light to carry out the transformation, while the network switch is the light electronic signals have the effect of sharing. In many optical modules, SFP optical module is now being used in one of the largest number of optical modules, in conjunction with the network switch with the application of different interfaces can be used to complete different Internet requirements.

First, what is the SFP optical module

SFP optical module is a 10G fiber optic module belonging to the SFP optical module, it is alone in the communication protocol. Generally interconnected with network switches, fiber optic routers, fiber optic network cards, etc., is used in the 10Gbps Ethernet interface and its 8.5Gbps fiber optic cable security channel system software, can achieve the high speed requirements of large data centers, to complete the Internet expansion and transformation of large data centers.

SFP optical module line card with high relative density and small size can be connected with other types of 10G control module, which can give high installation relative density for big data center and save cost. Therefore, it has become a popular optical module that can be inserted in the sales market.

Second, the type of SFP optical module

Under the basic condition, SFP optical modules are categorized according to specific applications, and the common ones are 10GSFP+, BIDISFP+, CWDMSFP+, DWDMSFP+.

10GSFP optical module

This kind of optical module is the general SFP+ optical module, also can be regarded as the new upgrade of 10G SFP optical module, is the popular design scheme in the sales market at this stage.

BIDI SFP Optical Module

This kind of optical module selects WDM technology, the speed can be 11.1Gbps, and the function loss is low. With two fiber optic line sockets, generally applied in pairs, in the big data center to carry out Internet construction, can reduce the demand for fiber optic line, reduce the cost of capital construction.

CWDM SFP Optical Module

This kind of optical module selects coarse wavelength division multiplexing technology, often used with single-mode pairing, which can save fiber optic line resources, and is more flexible and reliable in the networking scheme, and the function loss is small.

DWDM SFP+ Optical Module

This optical module selects dense wavelength division multiplexing technology, mostly used for long-distance transmission of data, transmission spacing can reach 80km, with high-speed transmission, large space, scalability and other characteristics.

Third, SFP optical modules and network switches how to match the application

Different kinds of optical modules and network switches connected, can be used in different networking programs, the following for the guys to introduce several types of SFP + optical modules and network switches specific matching application plan.

Program 1: 10GSFP + 10 Gigabit optical modules and network switches in the middle of the connection

Four 10GSFP+ optical modules are inserted into the 10-Gbps SFP+ port number of a network switch, and then a 40GQSFP+ optical module is inserted into the 40-Gbps QSFP+ port number of another network switch, and finally a fiber optic pigtail is connected in the middle.

This interface method is the key to complete the expansion of the Internet from 10G to 40G, and can quickly and easily meet the network upgrade requirements of large data centers.

Program plan two: BIDISFP+ 10Gb optical module and network switch intermediate connection

Insert the optical modules into the SFP+ port number of each of the two network switches, and then change the LC fiber pigtail matching the optical module connection port to carry out the connection of the optical modules on the two network switches.

This interface method reasonably completes the data and information connection of very simple economic development, and can be applied in the Ethernet interface connection of big data center, company alignment and its telecommunication network operation transmission.

Program 3: CWDMSFP+10Gb optical module and network switch intermediate connection

This interface mode uses wireless relay box, fiber optic transceiver, CWDM coarse wavelength division multiplexer to connect the optical module with network switch, which completes the transformation of RJ45 electric port on 10G 10G Ethernet switch into CWDM optical wavelength necessary for CWDM coarse wavelength division multiplexer.

Program 4: Connection between DWDMSFP+ 10G optical module and network switch

The optical module is inserted into the SFP+ port number of the network switch, and then the armored cable fiber optic pigtail will be connected with the DWDM dense wavelength division multiplexer.

The interface mode completes the long-distance transmission of the optical signal lamp does not light the maintenance, can reduce the level of light wave loss, suitable for long-distance transmission of the optical signal lamp does not light.

Fourth, SFP optical module and network switch connection common problems

1, pay attention to both sides of the network switch applied to the optical module of the optical wavelength, transmission spacing is not the same, and its single-fiber dual-fiber, multi-mode multi-mode fiber problems, if the two sides are not equal to the situation should be applied to the corresponding relative converter;

2, the optical module in the application to minimize electrostatic induction and bumping, if bumping occurs, it is not recommended to re-apply the optical module;

3, pay attention to the optical module inserted into the front and back, the cap and logo should be facing up;

4, in the optical module into the network switch, as far as possible, use force to push it down to the bottom, there will generally be a mild sense of vibration, after the insertion of the optical module can be gently pulled out, check whether the installation is timely;

5, when carrying out the disassembly of the optical module, first of all, you should drag the smart bracelet to the part that is 90 ° with the optical switch, and then pull out the optical module.

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