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Is SFP 10G SR single-mode or multimode?
Knowledge Base + 2024.01.05

SFP 10G SR is a multimode transceiver.

It is a shortwave optical transceiver for fiber optic communication, using multi-mode fiber of optical fiber. Its distance range is 300 meters, and the rate can reach 10Gbps. it adopts the interface of LC, and the interface used by the standard optoelectronic converter of 1.25Gbps is also LC, so the sfp-10g-sr needs to use the mode of fiber optic connector when it is connected. sfp-10g-sr has a wide range of uses, and it can be used in the field of switches, NICs, servers, storage devices, and storage, and other applications.

Features of sfp-10g-sr:

Short-wave optical transceiver that supports fiber optic communication;

The interface used is LC, which has good compatibility;

The distance range is about 300 meters;

The rate can reach 10Gbps;

Wide range of applications, which can be used in switches, network cards, servers, storage devices, and storage applications.

Uses of sfp-10g-sr:

It can be used in data centers to extend the connection between data centers and data centers;

It can be used in fiber optic converters as well as intelligent integrated cabling systems;

Can be used in the storage field to realize the remote connection of SAN;

Can be used in network equipment such as switches to realize high-speed network connection;

can be used in the field of communication, such as fiber optic transceivers, fiber optic switches and so on.