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Walsun launches 10G SFP+ Tunable DWDM Optical Module
Knowledge Base + 2024.01.29

With the rapid development of network technology to meet the growing demand for high-speed data transmission, Walsun's research and development team has introduced a brand new upgraded 10G SFP+ Tunable DWDM optical module based on the original technology. This article will detail the features, advantages, and application scenarios of this new upgraded optical module.

The Walsun 10G SFP+ Tunable DWDM optical module boasts excellent wavelength stability, supporting operation on 100GHz channels, making it an economically efficient module. It is designed specifically for 10G DWDM SDH, 10GBASE-ZR/ZW, and 10G fiber channel applications.

It is also a hot-pluggable 3.3V small form-factor pluggable tunable SFP+ transceiver module suitable for single-mode high-speed communication equipment up to 11.3Gb/s. The digital diagnostic functions can be accessed via a 2-wire serial interface. The Walsun DWDM SFP+ optical module provides an enhanced monitoring interface, allowing real-time access to device operational parameters such as optical module temperature, laser bias current, transmit optical power, receive optical power, and transceiver power supply voltage.

10G SFP+ Tunable DWDM+

Product Features

l  Up to 11.3Gb/s data links

l  Monolithically integrated full C-band tunable transmitter and APD receiver

l  50 GHz ITU channel spacing with integrated wavelength locker

l  Up to 80km on 9/125µm SMF

l  Smart Features: Self-Negotiation, Remote DDM, Remote WL Locking

l  Hot-pluggable SFP+ footprint

l  Duplex LC/UPC type pluggable optical interface

l  RoHS-10 compliant and lead-free

l  Support Digital Monitoring interface

l  Single +3.3V power supply

l  Compliant with SFF+MSA and SFF-8472 SFF-8431, SFF-8690 and G.698.1

l  Metal enclosure, for lower EMI

l  Meet ESD requirements, resist 8KV direct contact voltage

l Case operating temperature:0℃ to +70℃/ -40℃ to +85℃

DWDM (Dense Wavelength Division Multiplexing) is a unique technology that aggregates various signals onto data and laser beams. For purchasers seeking high-performance solutions, the 10G SFP+ Tunable DWDM optical module is undoubtedly an ideal choice. It can support customized channels: 80/88/96 channels (C band) and different operating temperatures (commercial and industrial). Since its launch, this optical module has consistently earned praise from new and existing customers for its outstanding performance. We can understand the specific advantages of the 10G SFP+ Tunable DWDM optical module through the table below.

The Walsun 10G SFP+ Tunable DWDM optical module is a key device for achieving low-power, flexible, and reliable data transmission. It plays a crucial role in various fields including data centers, communication networks, cloud services, the Internet of Things, and industrial automation.

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