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How Changeable Smoothing Attenuators Reduce Power
Knowledge Base + 2023.12.12

Alterable smooth attenuator is a kind of important smooth passive in fiber-optic communication parts of an apparatus, the real time that will realize pair of signal through transmitting smooth power damply is controlled. Say simply, in smooth module, fine attenuator can reduce use light to be piled up by accident rate (BER) . Pile up by accident to achieve rate, need reduces smooth power, need to use smooth attenuator at this moment.

The smooth signal strength that receives equipment solely needs to be inside certain limits, smooth power cannot pass strong or too weak, can bring about equipment life to shorten otherwise or cannot work normally. Fiber-optic attenuator is OK action at among them, use at reducing smooth signal energy, the smooth passive parts of an apparatus of attenuation of smooth to the input power, because input smooth power to exceed,avoid strong and make smooth receiver generation lack fidelity.

Fiber-optic attenuator is the absorption that carries smooth signal, reflex, diffuse, scattering, deflexion, diffractive, chromatic dispersion will reduce smooth power. For instance the absorption of smooth signal, set of will fiber-optic attenuator can draw the working wavelengh range of light energy, inside this limits, its not reflex, reduce needless echo reflex, achieve the attenuation result of smooth power through this kind of means. Use air to keep apart technology, displacement amlposition technology, attenuation commonly fiber-optic technology, absorb the technology such as vitreous law to make smooth attenuator.

The attenuation limits of smooth attenuator is in 0~65dB. Among them, at present the power of attenuation of fixed and fiber-optic attenuator on the market is between 1~30dB. Fixed and fiber-optic attenuator is a kind of category of fiber-optic attenuator, be secure attenuation power be worth in an attenuation. Use at equipment of telegraphic network, fiber-optic test, local area network commonly (LAN) with cable television (CATV) system.

Alterable smooth attenuator can be divided with light-wave answer with implement (WDM) , prismatic detector (Erbium of TAPPD) , mix into is fiber-optic amplifier (the smooth parts of an apparatus such as EDFA) forms EDFA of evenness of ROADM, VMUX, gain to wait for module, return the overload protection that can be used at smooth receiver directly. Additional, the metric, calm mark of the instrument appearance such as smooth powermeter, also need to use VOA.

The application in corresponding solely as VOA is increasing, taller and taller also to the requirement of its function: VOA should control the power of smooth signal accurately, in offerring stable attenuation; to be apart from DWDM system in train in excess specified length for each passageway wavelengh, VOA must have enough sensitivity and reliability, cause the change of signal smooth power in order to compensate element of environmental substandard bound.

Relevant model:

  • Smooth attenuator of Keysight N7751A only channel

  • Smooth attenuator of passageway of Keysight N7752A 2

  • Attenuator of Agilent 81560A alterable light

  • Keysight N7761A only channel is alterable smooth attenuator

  • Passageway of Keysight N7762A 2 is alterable smooth attenuator

  • Passageway of Keysight N7764A 4 is alterable smooth attenuator

  • Smooth attenuator of much model of passageway of Keysight N7766A 2

  • Smooth attenuator of much model of passageway of Keysight N7768A 4

  • Smooth attenuator: Agilent 8156A, agilent 8157A, agilent 81570A, agilent 81571A, agilent81576A, agilent 81577A, agilent 81567A