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RF instrument appearance common typical faults
Knowledge Base + 2023.12.12

Our commonly used instrument appearance the prevailing prices such as analyzer of spectrum analyzer, radio frequency source, network is very for instance high, if radio frequency instrument is used undeserved also can cause very big effect to the job, and maintenance value is very expensive also, so how to use ability correctly to avoid needless breakdown to appear?

One, power source breakdown causes do not switch on the mobile phone
As similar as oscillograph, the power source module that instrument interior has independence is given priority to board with power supply of each function module, reason needs to emphasize attention to use electric security.

Watchful issue wants in using:

1, use instrument installs power supply cord formerly;

2, affirm whether instrument AC input has 110V/220V diverter switch. If have, affirm switch is hit in 220V archives;
3, affirm electrified wire netting is stable. There should be high-power electric equipment to receive in electrified wire netting fashionable, shut an instrument first, unplug next power supply cord, wait for the reuse after electrified wire netting is stable;
4, when switching on the mobile phone: Insert first on AC power supply cord, press again switch on the mobile phone key switchs on the mobile phone;
Close when machine: Press first close machine key machine, unplug again AC power supply cord;
5, notice the instrument uses an environment, clear regularly dirt.

2, front signal handles module trouble

Module of processing of instrument front signal is right electrostatic and too big signal is very sensitive, if use undeserved, damage extremely easily.

Watchful issue needs in using:

1, forbidden with hand or body other position is touched touch exterior interface, avoid electrostatic loss;
2, before using first estimation signal extent, use appropriate attenuator / test wire cable has a test;
3, contact will turn first when the test / attenuator / test wire cable has been received, connect signal again; Test signal disconnects first after the test ends, contact turns below reassume / attenuator / test wire cable.

3, attaint of interface physics sex

Radio frequency instrument all sorts of attenuator / the contact type such as wire cable is numerous, common diametical 2.4mm, 2.92mm, 3.5mm is waited a moment very much identical. If use the contact that does not match to the diameter, may damage instrument interface.

Watchful issue wants in using:

1, interface type affirms before using;
2, insert unplug cannot be inserted forcibly energetically when interface unplug, encounter insert be not entered or snail mouth does not twist the interface of circumstance horse admiral that go up to get off, affirm to after the type matchs, join again;
3, all sorts of turning contact / wire cable needs appropriate to keep, avoid the loss that knock against causes.