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What are the 4 common fiber optic connectors?
Knowledge Base + 2024.01.16

The main role of the fiber optic connector is to achieve the connection of electronic equipment fiber, fiber optic connector is a removable connection between the fiber and fiber optic devices, it is the two end faces of the fiber optic precision butt joints, so that the fiber optic transmission of the signal light energy can be maximally coupled to the receiving fiber, and make its intervention in the optical link and the impact on the system to minimize the impact of the fiber optic connector is a basic requirement of the fiber optic connector.


The following are four common types of fiber optic connectors are introduced.

1, ST-type fiber optic connectors: ST-type fiber optic connectors are used with a key bayonet locking structure (similar to the BNC connection structure), the pin body for the outer diameter of 2.5mm precision ceramic pins, the shape of the end face of the pin is usually PC surface.

2, SC (F04) type fiber optic connector: SC (F04) type fiber optic connector is a molded-plastic plug coupling single-mode fiber optic connector, its structural dimensions and FC-type the same size, the pin body for the same 2.5mm OD precision ceramic pins, the end face processing using PC or APC type grinding; fastening mode for the insertion and removal of the pin latch type. Such connectors are inexpensive, easy to insert and remove, access loss fluctuations, high compressive strength, high installation density.

3, FC (F01) type fiber optic connectors: FC-type connectors using metal threaded connection structure, the pin body using 2.5mm OD precision ceramic pins, according to the shape of its pin end face is different, it is divided into spherical contact FC/PC and oblique spherical contact FC/APC two kinds of structure. FC-type connectors are currently the world's largest variety of use, but also the main varieties used in China.

4, DIN47256 type fiber optic connector: DIN47256 type fiber optic connector is a kind of connector developed by Germany, DIN is the German industrial standard, followed by the number of numbers for the standard number. This connector adopts the structural dimensions of the pin and coupling sleeve with the same FC-type, end face processing using PC grinding.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Are single mode connectors suitable for multimode cables?

It is possible to use single-mode connectors on multimode, but not vice versa.

2、If I install SC connectors but later realize that I need LC type, what should I do?

In this case, a common solution can be to purchase an SC-SC coupler and then a pre-terminated SC to LC patch cable. There are also adapters such as LC-LC or LC-SC.

3、What types of fiber optic connectors are available in the market?

The common fiber optic connector types are LC, SC, MTP/MPO, ST, FC. LC connectors, as the main fiber optic connectors, are the most popular connectors due to their compact size, high performance and ease of use. In addition, for multi-fiber connectors, MTP/MPO connectors are becoming more popular for 40 and 100G data transmission.