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DCA-M sampling oscillograph
Knowledge Base + 2023.12.12

DCA-M sampling oscillograph: The pivotal tool of digital communication system

As the rapid development of digital communication system, also increase increasingly to test and the requirement that analyse a technology. 

In this domain, DCA-M sampling oscillograph serves as a kind of high-powered instrument, producing main effect. It can capture and the weaveform of signal of number of analytic high speed, clock and electric ordinary mail cease, offer for engineers time well and truly to measure an outcome with electric parameter, help them assess signal quality, optimize systematic performance, solve communication problem.

The working principle of DCA-M sampling oscillograph is based on rate of high speed sampling and wide bandwidth. It can collect the weaveform of digital signal quickly, change its data of amount to word to undertake an analysis. Carry this kind of kind, the crucial parameter such as performance of the sequential character that engineers can measure signal, speed and noise interference, help them evaluate the quality of digital communication system and stability in the round.

Using a field, DCA-M sampling oscillograph is producing main effect in fiber-optic communication system testing. It can detect signal of the transmission quality of smooth signal, fixed position is lack fidelity problem, offer a solution in order to optimize the function of fiber-optic communication system. In addition, it still can apply at high speed the test of serial bus line and analysis, for example PCI Express, USB, HDMI. Pass the test to bus line, engineers can ensure the dependability of bus line and function, find out what exist possibly to transmit a problem.

DCA-M series oscillograph has the following characteristic and advantage:

  • High speed sampling leads: Pass high speed sampling to lead, can accurate capture the weaveform of signal of tall frequency number, offer accurate measurement result.

  • The broadband is wide: Offer wide bandwidth, make oscillograph can process the signal of broadband belt, satisfy test need.

  • Accurate measurement function: Measure a function with electric parameter through timing accurately, can assess signal quality, source of fixed position problem.

  • Analytic tool: Provided rich analytic tool, if eye graph shows, peak value detects, pile up rate test to wait by accident, help engineer undertakes comprehensive signal is analysed.

As the ceaseless progress of digital communication technology, DCA-M sampling oscillograph still has vast development space and applied perspective. To satisfy the test requirement of higher rate signal, can raise sampling rate and wide bandwidth further. In addition, strengthen automation function and extending applied domain also is development direction. Function of automation of have the aid of, can raise test efficiency and precision, reduce factitious error. In the meantime, can explore DCA-M sampling oscillograph to wait for the application of the domain in wireless communication, satellite communications, the engineers that are more domain provide help and support.

DCA-M sampling oscillograph serves as a kind of pivotal tool, main effect is being produced in the test of digital communication system and analysis. Through its rate of high speed sampling, wide bandwidth, accurate measure function and rich analytic tool, help engineers assess signal quality, optimize systematic performance, solve communication problem. Below the setting that in the number communication technology develops ceaselessly, DCA-M sampling oscillograph shows a wide applied perspective and potential, make contribution for the further progress of this domain.