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What are some common indices measured on oscilloscopes
Knowledge Base + 2023.12.12

Measure basically

Use number oscillograph can carry out extensive measurement to weaveform. Metrical range and complex degree depend on the functional collect of oscillograph. Graph the 22 blank that those who show is oscillograph of Keysight 8000 series show. The measurement that notices screen is the leftest and listed pushbutton / icon. Can use a mouse to pull these icon weaveform to go up, measure a result to be able to be calculated to come out. These icon are very convenient also, what because icon itself can inform you,undertaking measure.

  • Volt peak to peak: Should measure use at computation the voltage between the low voltage on an undee cycle and tall voltage is poor.

  • Voltage virtual value: Should measure the voltage virtual value that is used at computational weaveform. This several value of a quantity are used at computational power subsequently.

  • Rise time: Should measure the time that is used at computational signal to arrive at high-pressured place to need from low pressure. The time that rises to the place of volt peak to peak of 90% to need from the volt peak to peak of 10% through computation normally will calculate.

  • Arteries and veins is wide: arteries and veins is wide measure through computational volt peak to peak from 50% rise to the biggest voltage, fall again next the time that 50% mark location needs will calculate arteries and veins is wide. Negative arteries and veins is wide measure drop from the volt peak to peak of 50% through computational weaveform the least tension, time that returns 50% mark location to need again next will calculate arteries and veins is wide.

  • Periodic: Should measure the cycle that is used at computational weaveform.

  • Frequency: Should measure the frequency that is used at computational weaveform. This list aims to let you understand the practicable on most oscillograph to measure a type. Nevertheless, the measurement with most executable oscillograph still has more.

Basic maths function

Besides afore-mentioned measurement, you still can execute a lot of maths operation to weaveform. Demonstrate example to include:

  • Fourier commutation: Use this maths function to be able to examine the frequency that constitutes signal.

  • Absolute value: The absolute value that this maths function uses at showing weaveform (in voltage respect) .

  • Integral: This maths function is used at the integral with undee computation.

  • Addition or subtration: Can use these maths to function is added or subtract many weaveform show the signal that reachs. Say again, these function are oscillograph only can offer measure the one fraction with mathematical function