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How far can single-mode 40G go?
Knowledge Base + 2024.01.05

40g single mode optical module transmission distance: 2km, 10km, 30km, 40km, 60km, 80km various products can be selected.

Single-mode optical modules are commonly used in long-distance transmission, and the fiber wavelength of different single-mode optical modules transmission distance is also different. The single mode optical module with fiber wavelength of 1310nm has large loss but small dispersion in the transmission process, and the transmission distance is generally within 40km, while the single mode optical module with fiber wavelength of 1550nm has small loss but large dispersion in the transmission process, and the transmission distance is generally more than 40km, and the furthest distance can be 120km directly transmitted without relay.

Q: What is the maximum transmission distance supported by 40GbE?

A: The IEEE 40GBASE-X standard describes it as follows:40GBASE-SR4 has a transmission distance of up to 100 meters using OM3 multimode fiber and 150 meters using OM4 multimode fiber. OM1 and OM2 transmissions are not supported.40GBASE-LR4 uses single-mode fiber for distances up to 10 km (the same fiber can be used for the 10G single-mode 10GBASE-LR standard).40GBASE-CR4 supports maximum distances of up to 7 meters. However, due to the limitations of copper technology, it may not be impossible to reach its maximum transmission distance. 40GBASE-KR4 supports backplane technology with a transmission distance of 1 meter.

Q: Can the 40G-LR4 optical module be split into 4x10G connections?

A: No, 40G-LR4 optical modules cannot be split into 4x10G. 40GBASE-LR4 uses 4λ (or wavelengths) on a pair of single-mode fibers and does not split itself into 4 pairs unless it can split the wavelengths. 40GBASE-SR4 is unique in that it uses parallel fibers and allows for 4 pairs of parallel fibers to be used at the same time. 40G-PLRL4 and 40G-PLRL4 and 40G-PLR4 standards both support 4x10G, use 12-core singlemode MTP ribbon fiber, and are both fully compatible with 10GBASELR and 10G-LRL and capable of reaching its maximum transmission distance.

Q: What is the transmission performance of the 40GbE PLRL4 standard?

A: 40G Parallel LR4 Lite (PLRL4) 10GBASE-LRL standard, the transmission distance using single-mode fiber is 1 km. In addition, the 40GbE PLRL4 optical device is capable of supporting four independent 10G-LR connections by using 4x10G modes and connecting splitter cables or single-mode fiber boxes.

Q: What type of fiber is required for PLRL4 and PLR4 optical modules?

A: The PLR4 and PLRL4 use a 12-pole MTP fiber connector and require an APC singlemode 12-pole MTP fiber. This fiber is equivalent to a 40G-SR4 MTP-MTP, with the only change being that the former uses single-mode fiber.The UPC fiber connector is another type of 12-pole MTP fiber connector, but it does not work with single-mode fiber.The APC is the only viable option for single-mode 12-pole MTP fiber.

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