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Huawei Optical Switch View Optical Module Commands
Knowledge Base + 2024.01.29

Taking the Huawei 5700 series switches as an example, the commands to view optical module information are as follows:

<<span class="keyword" style="padding: 0px; line-height: 1.7em; margin: 0px;">HUAWEI> display transceiver interface gigabitethernet 0/0/1 verbose
gigabitethernet0/0/1 transceiver information:
Common information:
  Transceiver Type               :1000_BASE_SX_SFP
  Connector Type                 :LC
  Wavelength(nm)                 :850
  Transfer Distance(m)           :300(50um),150(62.5um)
  Digital Diagnostic Monitoring  :YES
  Vendor Name                    :SumitomoElectric
  Vendor Part Number             :HFBR-5710L 
  Ordering Name                  :
Manufacture information:
  Manu. Serial Number            :88K056C10353
  Manufacturing Date             :2008-08-08
  Vendor Name                    :SumitomoElectric
Diagnostic information:
  Temperature(°C)              :26.00
  Temp High Threshold(°C)      :85.00
  Temp Low  Threshold(°C)      :-40.00
  Voltage(V)                    :3.29
  Volt High Threshold(V)        :3.64
  Volt Low  Threshold(V)        :2.95
  Bias Current(mA)              :4.57
  Bias High Threshold(mA)       :9.00
  Bias Low  Threshold(mA)       :2.00
  RX Power(dBM)                 :-40.00
  RX Power High Threshold(dBM)  :0.00
  RX Power Low  Threshold(dBM)  :-16.99
  TX Power(dBM)                 :-5.03
  TX Power High Threshold(dBM)  :-2.22
  TX Power Low  Threshold(dBM)  :-6.99

View the general, manufacturing, alarm, and diagnostic information of the specified port optical module.

Table 1 Description of the output information of the display transceiver command