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Oscilloscope Current Probe Repair Instructions
Knowledge Base + 2023.12.12

The use method of probe of oscillograph electric current

  • The wire that when capacitance checks, uses should choose 05mm2 of cross section area (AWG20) the lead of above

  • Will treat the stannic side side that substrate should reach capacitance shift when measuring the lead on capacitance join, use A and B method to determine, in addition, as far as possible shorten lead.

Ripple electric current checks oscillograph to debug a method

  • corresponding test passageway probe setting is electric current, the choice is measured is coupling dc archives.

  • It is broadband choosing 20MHZ.

  • Debug oscillograph screen to show maximum of measured value root mean square frequency of peak peak value surveys a project 4 times.

Attention: Ripple needs to undertake to voltaic probe degauss is debugged before voltaic test.

Note of probe of oscillograph electric current

Damage through be opposite the breakdown of voltaic probe is analysed, discover the probe place of easy attaint has roughly:

  • Shed amplifier connective circuit with report board;

  • The magnetism annulus of voltaic probe is bad;

  • The magnetism annulus coil of voltaic probe;

  • The exterior of the slip clincher of voltaic probe damages;

  • . Cable opens circuit.

The reason that voltaic probe damages, the method that prevents damage and service instruction 5 afore-mentioned reasons that damage partly can induce as follows:

  • After voltaic amplifier opens report, insert unplug voltaic probe and the circuit that cause board attaint.

  • Prevent the method of attaint: Be sure to keep in mind not electrified insert unplug voltaic probe

  • Magnetism annulus is brittle material, when drop the ground or be being used, pass to make easily suddenly forcibly its damaged. Have loss / the magnetism annulus of attaint can cause a test to forbid or cannot measure an electric current again.

  • Prevent attaint and use method: The ground avoids when using or pass forcibly fierce

  • Magnetism annulus coil is finer, flow too can bring about coil burn down.

  • Prevent the method of attaint: Load avoids to flow too when using.

  • Voltaic clincher is incorrect neat: Crack can make check to forbid or cannot measure an electric current. Attention, drive clincher process to want caution.

  • Prevent the method of attaint: Clincher of the electric current when using should is opposite neat. Attention, want caution when prompting clincher procedure

  • Cable by too exert all one's strength pull, twist wait for can easy attaint.

  • Prevent the method of attaint: The cable when using does not want too exert all one's strength pull, twist etc.