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Oscillograph popular science
Knowledge Base + 2023.12.12

Oscillograph is a kind of test that is used at displaying a certain variable the function for another variable and measuring instrument watch. For example, it is showing tension of the scale on screen (Y axis) with time (X axis) concern plan. Graph 10 it is exemples of such graphic representation of a relation. If you think it check component of a certain electron to whether work is normal to check component of a certain electron to whether work, this is very useful. If you know to be in evacuate the appearance with due weaveform of the signal after this component, can use oscillograph to examined this component to whether output correct signal really. Ask an attention, x axis and Y axis are divided into many parts by reseau. Although to contemporary oscillograph character, great majority is measured can carry out automatically through oscillograph, and the result is more accurate, but reseau lets you can undertake metrical through range estimation estimation. Oscillograph not only can the concern plan of scale voltage and time, still have more function.

Oscillograph has many inputs, call a passageway, every passageway can work independently. Accordingly, you are OK the channel 1 join reachs a certain equipment, the channel 2 join reach another equipment. Next, oscillograph is OK scale passageway measures voltage and passageway 1 times 2 measure the impact between voltage. This kind of mode calls the XY pattern of oscillograph. When scale I-V pursues or Lisaru pursues (Lissajous) when, this kind of mode is very useful, adopt the form of these graphs, you can know the phasic difference between two signal and frequency are compared. Graph 11 those who show is the phasic difference that Li Saru graph and they represent / frequency comparing.

Imitate oscillograph

The earliest oscillograph is imitate oscillograph, use CRT will show weaveform. When the electron hits screen, the phosphorescence pink on screen can give off light, when successive phosphorescence pink gives off light, you can see the show of signal. The weaveform that wants distinguish is stabilized it seems that need to spark. When a complete contrail shows an end, oscillograph is in await condition, happen till next specific event (for example, span the ascendant edge of a certain voltage) , begin to show orbit again next. The indication that did not spark cannot be used, because weaveform was not showing on screen,be stable weaveform (DSO and MSO oscillograph also are such, can discuss from the back) .

Imitate oscillograph is very useful, because the phosphorescence pink of glow won't disappear instantly. You can see many contrail of oscillograph overlaps each other, can see the burr in signal or irregular phenomenon thereby. Because the ability when screen is bumped to be able to show weaveform in the electron, because this shows the intensity of the intensity of signal and concrete signal is direct and relevant. This is equivalent to a three-dimensional graph with respect to distinguish (in other words, x axis is time, y axis is voltage, z axis is intensity) . The defect of imitate oscillograph is it cannot " freeze " show, cannot make weaveform retains longer time. Once phosphorous material diffuses, that part signal can disappear.

In addition, cannot carry out automatically to weaveform measure. The reseau that must use indication screen to go up however undertakes metrical. Because the level of electron beam and perpendicular scanning speed are finite, the signal type that imitate oscillograph can show is very finite also. Although there still are a lot of people now,using imitate oscilloscope, but already did not see more in the market. Current, digital oscillograph already made contemporary mainstream tool.

Digital memory oscillograph (DSO)

Digital memory oscillograph (call DSO normally) it is to make up for a lot of inadequacy of imitate oscillograph and of the invention. DSO inputs a signal, digitlize its through modulus converter next. What the graph shows 12 times is it is the framework of a kind of DSO that oscillograph of number of heart science and technology uses. Its use attenuator undertakes shrinking putting to weaveform. Delivering weaveform modulus converter (ADC) when, perpendicular amplifier is offerred shrink additionally put. Modulus converter undertakes sampling to inputting signal and digitlize its. Next, data memory is in memory.

Trigger search sparks incident, time base adjusts the time of oscillograph to show. Before oscillograph shows signal finally, any later period that microprocessor system can carry out you to appoint are handled. Carry data digital form to make oscillograph can is opposite weaveform undertakes all sorts of measurement. Signal also can store for a long time in memory. These data can be put through shining, LAN, USB or DVD-RW undertake printing or transmit the computer. In fact, you can be used now before fictitious board through computer control and surveillant oscillograph.

Mixture signal oscillograph (MSO)

In DSO, inputting signal is imitate signal, undertake digitlization through modulus converter. Follow the development of technology of electron of word of a move in chess or a movement in wushu nevertheless, at the same time signal of the imitate that monitor and digital signal already became more and more be necessary. Accordingly, oscillograph manufacturer begins to production can spark and show imitate and number the mixture signal oscillograph of two kinds of signal. Normally the circumstance falls, the imitate passageway amount of these oscillograph is less (2 or 4) , digital passageway is more (8 or 16, see a picture 13) . The advantage of oscillograph of 13 mixture signal is to be able to spark the combination of imitate and digital signal, and in admiral of same time base they are shown entirely come.

Portable / hand-held oscillograph

Just as its name implies, portable oscillograph is a kind small to the oscillograph that can carry. If you need to take oscillograph many places, perhaps move from a workbench in the lab another workbench, so portable oscillograph may suit you very much. What the graph shows 14 times is a portable oscillograph, oscillograph of series of Keysight InfiniiVision X. The advantage of portable oscillograph is weight light, facilitate carry, switch machine rate is rapid, and be used easily. Their function often under large oscillograph, but the Keysight InfiniiVision 1000, 2000 occurrence with oscillograph of 3000T X series, changing this. These oscillograph are had common all and portable sex mixes portable oscillograph to use sexual characteristic easily, the function is enough also and powerful, bandwidth is as high as 6GHz, can answer current great majority to debug demand

Economy oscillograph

Economy oscillograph price is low, but its function is inferior to high-powered oscillograph. This kind of oscillograph normally multi-purpose in university lab. The main good point of this kind of oscillograph is low-cost. Want a relatively inferior price only, you can obtain a very useful oscillograph.

High-powered oscillograph

High-powered oscillograph can provide the performance of current and best different. Deepness of fast, memory mixes tall to needing bandwidth, sampling and newer rate greatly for the user that measures the oscillograph with much function, high-powered oscillograph is optimal choice. What the graph shows 15 times is a high-powered oscillograph, oscillograph of series of Keysight Infiniium 90000A. The main good point of high-powered oscillograph is, let you can analyse all sorts of signal correctly, provided a lot of application processes and tool, can simpler, more apace analyses current technology. Its are main defect is the price tall, volume is large.

The use circumstance of oscillograph

If domestic company is testing or use electronic signal, have oscillograph probably. Accordingly, the applied domain of oscillograph has a lot of:

? Car technology personnel uses oscillograph to diagnose the electric issue of the car.

? University lab use oscillograph imparts student electronics knowledge.

? The research organization of the whole world should use oscilloscope.

? Mobile phone manufacturer uses oscillograph to check the integrality of mobile phone signal.

? Military affairs and aviation industry use oscillograph to test radar communication system.

? Engineer of research and development uses oscillograph to check and design new technology.

? Oscillograph still is used at combining compasses sex test.

For example of USB and HDMI combine compasses sex test: The output of USB and HDMI must reach certain and specific level. Above is the one fraction utility of oscillograph merely. And it is a kind of function really powerful muti_function appearance.

Spark accuse

What no less than mentions before us, spark signal conduces to offer stable, practicable to show, you are OK and synchronous the undee collection that oscillograph is interested in you process.

Spark accuse make you OK the choice is perpendicular touch hair n (for example, the voltage when hope oscillograph sparks) , and be in all sorts of sparking choose in the function. Spark commonly the type includes:

1、Edge sparks it is the most popular that edge sparks spark mode. When voltage exceeds the threshold value of a certain set, spark can happen. You can choose to still drop in ascendant edge the edge sparks. Graph 18 those who show is to rising to express along the graph that spark.

2、Burr touchs thorn of lose one's temper to spark mode allows you to spark width is more than or be less than a certain incident that appoints time length or pulse. This function random to finding out burr or mistake are very useful. If these burr are seldom,happen, see them very hard. Nevertheless, burr sparks make you OK catch this kind of a lot of mistakes.