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How to use oscilloscope and understanding is measured basically
Knowledge Base + 2023.12.12

Current, electronic technology already pervaded the square respect aspect in our life. Everyday millions person is in use electron equipment, for example mobile phone, TV and computer. As the progress of electronic technology, the traversal speed of these equipment is faster and faster also. Nowadays, mass equipment uses technology of high speed number. Engineers need to be able to be designed well and truly and check yuan of parts of an apparatus in facilities of number of its high speed. For the appearance engineer that checks yuan of parts of an apparatus to be being mixed via constant design before, still must want to be able to handle high speed and high frequency appearance adroitly now. Oscillograph is among them one of.

When design and test electron equipment, oscillograph is a kind powerful and very useful tool. They ran yuan of normal, what parts of an apparatus to appear to deciding yuan of what parts of an apparatus of the system breakdown is crucial. They still can help you examine yuan of parts of an apparatus of new design whether to achieve expect a demand. Oscillograph can let you see the real look of electronic signal, its function should be gotten formidably than avometer much. The application of oscillograph is very wide, study a lab to the university from automobile industry, arrive again aerospace and national defence domain, have their figure everywhere. A lot of companies need to rely on oscillograph to discover flaw in time, produce the product with an all ready function thereby.

Electronic signal

Oscillograph basically is used at showing electronic signal. Through examining the signal that shows on oscillograph, yuan of parts of an apparatus that you can decide electronic system is medium whether working normally. Accordingly, want to understand the working principle of oscillograph, must want to understand basic signal principle.

Wave attribute

Electronic signal is wave or pulse. It is the major attribute of wave below.


The field uses in the project, extent has two main definitions to often be used. The first is peak value extent, the extent of the biggest displacement that disturbs namely. The 2nd root mean square that be called (RMS) extent. Want the RMS voltage with undee computation, want the square of cipher out weaveform above all, find its average voltage, take square root next. To sine wave, extent of root mean square is 0.707 times of peak value extent.

Phase shift

Phase shift is to show the horizontal translation between two identical wave is measured. Its expenditure or radian come magnanimity. To sine wave, a cycle expresses with 360 degrees. Accordingly, if two sine wave differs half cycle, criterion their opposite phase shift is 180 degrees.


The cycle of wave is to point to a time that repeats oneself place to need normally. Periodic measurement the unit is a second.


Every periodic wave has a frequency. Frequency is wave in frequency of the reduplicative inside one second (if be an unit with hertz) . In addition, frequency still is periodic reciprocal.


Weaveform is the appearance of wave or expressional form. Weaveform can provide a large number of information of concerned signal for you. For example, it can tell you voltage is abrupt change, linear change still is to keep changeless. Standard weaveform has a lot of planting, but this section will introduce us only most the weaveform that often encounters.

Sine wave

Sine wave normally with communication (AC) power source is relevant, for example the power source electrical outlet in your home. Sine wave always does not have constant peak value range. If extent of its peak value is reduced ceaselessly as the elapse of time, we call this weaveform damp sine wave.

Square wave / rectangular wave

Square wave presents periodic leap between two different values, and tall paragraph and low paragraph length is equal. Rectangular wave differs somewhat, its are tall paragraph and low paragraph length is not identical.

Trigonometry wave / toothed wave

In trigonometry wave, voltage shows linear change along with the change of time. Its brim is called brae, because this are undee,or rises gradually, or drops gradually a certain voltage. Toothed wave looks to it similar, no matter be in front edge or behind along, also be to one follows the linear voltage that time varies to answer. Nevertheless, the edge opposite side is steep almost fall.


Pulse is to be in other and constant what appear suddenly below voltage is individual disturb. Imagine, this resembles is we turn on electric lamp in switch of the kiss in the room, put out quickly next. A series of pulse call series of a pulse. Continue our analogy, this is like us second ground leaves quickly the lamp and black out. Pulse is the burr that appears in signal or wrong common weaveform. If signal is carried, is odd an information, criterion pulse also may be undee.

Compound wave

Wave is OK also the mixture that is afore-mentioned weaveform. They do not have certainly periodic, present a very complex weaveform possibly however.