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Is copper cable faster than fiber-optic?
Knowledge Base + 2023.12.08

No, fiber-optic cable is faster than copper cable. Fiber optics cables can transmit data at much higher speeds and over longer distances compared to copper cables. This is due to the fact that fiber-optic cables use light to transmit data, while copper cables use electrical signals.

Copper vs fibre optic

Here’s the important thing to remember: fibre optic transmits data as light, while copper delivers information as electricity. As light travels exponentially faster than electricity, reason suggests that data will travel faster via fibre optic cables than it would through copper.

In regard to telecommunications and internet access, copper offers a few advantages over fibre optic. For instance, copper can deliver power to phones, surveillance cameras and other internet-connected devices without laying down additional cabling.

Copper’s disadvantages

Although copper’s generally cheaper than fibre because it’s already installed in most buildings, it isn’t without its problems.

Latency, for instance, is a common issue. In addition, businesses accessing internet services over copper wire may have to share bandwidth with other companies. Although you have your own local area connection (LAN), data must be transmitted through the building’s copper wire to get to your floor. If multiple floors are accessing internet at the same time, the copper wire becomes more stressed.