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Common methods of detecting the smooth power of smooth module items
Knowledge Base + 2023.12.12

Detect smooth module projects smooth power, common have a few kinds of methods, save collect!

Smooth moduleClassics of general before deliver goods experience hardware test of Yan Ke and electronic optics detect, electronic optics detects the compatible mode of module of crucial check optometry, hardware test basically is main parameter detects, amid includes to send electric current of temperature of sensitivity of laser power, receiver, operation, reference point to measure these.

One, the necessity that smooth module delivers laser power

Deliver laser power (OutputPower) module pointing to light pushs those who send the source that carry the lamp to all be worth  Zuo  to give laser power, also call  Zuo  to give laser power. Enterprise: W or MW or DBm, the unit changes formulary computation: P(dBm)=10Log(P/1mW) .

Smooth module delivers laser power is the main and main parameter that endangers span of smooth model block transfer, should deliver laser power too small, control module is harmonious implement receive smooth power to be met at this moment the receiver sensitivity under control module, control module cannot accept data signal light normally; Should send laser when power is too great, although be in harmonious implement can use promotion smooth attenuator to accomplish control module to coordinate implement receive smooth power category, but flow of asks reference point cable also is met largish, meet those who disturb data signal deliver character and the term of service that dominate module.

Different smooth wavelengh, transmission speed and the smooth module that deliver span send laser power to put have different, you can be used following 4 kinds of methods inquire smooth module deliver laser power, resolution lies all normal circumstances.

2, the kind that check optometry module sends laser power

1, network switching equipment is record in DDM information content

Data diagnose action (DDM) as " doctor " , can of diagnose smooth module " state of illness " , it can the moving condition of diagnose smooth module, still can ministry of    of smooth module of real time supervisory system is main parameter is everything normal. The information of give an alarm that send and receives amount of electric current of voltage of smooth power, job, reference point what examine according to be opposite begins integration analysis, can forecast an analysis common breakdown, essence of life follows the position of fixed position problem, reduce common breakdown to restore   , reduce a loss.

The instruction of content of information of DDM of inquiry of network switching equipment each are not identical, the model that can use actually according to you begins real operation.

2, eye graph appearance detects

Smooth module sends laser power to be able to be used send content of news of picture of the eye that carry light to make clear, the eye graph that the graph below is 25G smooth module detects whole process.

(1) the electronic signal that will pile up appearance to give by accident according to check-out console turns into smooth signal lamp not to shine deliver 25G smooth module, join according to fiber-optic end fine in smooth number oscillograph;

(2) the Trigger that piles up appearance by accident carries oscillograph of number of join of signal of data of will synchronous clock, signal of the data that finish is the same as   , a picture produces on smooth number oscillograph;

(3) the filter rate that smooth number oscillograph wants to choose relativity of as smooth as 25G module to answer and core light-wave are long, the eye plan that chooses opposite of appropriate eye graph stencil to become begins conjugate, the content of eye picture news that changes will (send graph of laser power, extinction ratio, eye to lift ascendant extent and eye graph hand over a dot to wait) send computer to go up.

To make detected 25G smooth module sends laser power to send laser power category normally in everything inside, quantity of electric current of adjustable reference point makes laser power be inside appropriate category.

3, spectrometer detects

(1) choose sort of FC-LC/SC join head according to smooth module sort;

(2) be versed in FC-LC sheet the FC of leakage line joins head termination enters spectrum appearance " OpticalInput " socket;

(3) the TX socket that is versed in FC-LC sheet the LC of leakage line joins head termination enters smooth module;

(4) press spectrum appearance to go up " Auto " key; Full automatic be record in crucial and main parameter (include to send laser power) , the picture that awaits spectrum appearance shows the area makes clear complete hind, reopen exhibits light-wave of control module core to grow value and edge model to check than (SMSR) load. The graph below is the spectrometer test pattern of 40GER4 smooth module, of graph glazing module send laser power to be 2.8dBm;

(5) information content loads after undertaking, pull out will leak line, control buy of module bottle cap puts as parallel as date of control module port face to be in, cap of bottle of applied control module pulls out gently will control module.

4, laser power detects

(1) light-wave of means of the fiber-optic line sort that supplement of affirmatory smooth module uses, interface, core is long;

(2) means of interface of affirmatory smooth powermeter;

(3) reach its according to means of interface of smooth module, smooth powermeter smooth module supplement applies fiber-optic line sort to choose to match leakage line;

(4) power supply system of equipment of machine of network switching equipment, assure socket of network switching equipment everything is normal and at Adminup circumstance;

(5) will smooth powermeter is started, adjust check optometry wavelengh as smooth as smooth module core wavelengh is consistent;

(6) will wait for module of the control that measure light to be inserted into socket of network switching equipment, with light of leakage line connection module sends socket of port date and adapter of smooth powermeter power source;

(7) be record in information of the data on smooth powermeter monitor, it is laser power detects namely  Jian  fruit; Can indicate a business according to changeover of Dbm function key.

If you examine,go out send laser power to put have unusual state, but check is actual cause, a few kinds when below explains are caused send the cause with laser unusual power and means of settlement can you consult.

3, cause smooth module to send the cause with laser unusual power

1, smooth module itself is common breakdown, shine output power closes nevertheless, can try to tear open the module that change light;

2, smear of the aperture inside smooth module smooth core or it is to detect smear of the aperture inside fiber-optic line is caused, can try to clear the aperture inside the aperture inside smooth module and fiber-optic line;

3, node place is put faulty, for example flange dish the problem that fine of head, frit is in or machine equipment socket exists, can try progressively check.


It is very crucial that the hardware of smooth module configures main parameter to detect, not only can examine of smooth module deliver laser power, still can examine other and crucial main parameter is everything normal, rely on what the agency of chart can give smooth module to concern examine report, if to its character is put,you are in when smooth module of choose and buy have doubt, can need inquiry to concern detect  Jian  fruit.