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Gigabit Multimode SFP-GE-SX Frequently Asked Questions and Answers
Knowledge Base + 2024.01.25

With the rapid development of the Internet and mobile devices, people's demand for network communication is increasing. In order to meet the network communication needs in different scenarios, various types of network transmission technologies have emerged.

As an advanced network transmission technology, Gigabit Multimode SFP-GE-SX stands out in the field of network communication with its high-speed, flexible and cost-effective features. In the previous article, we introduced the definition, transmission distance, parameters, and its application areas of Gigabit Multimode Optical Module SFP-GE-SX, etc. In this article, we will answer some common questions about Gigabit Optical Module SFP-GE-SX.

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First, can Gigabit multi-mode optical module SFP-GE-SX use 10Gb optical fiber?

The first thing that needs to be clear is that the fiber itself is not divided into gigabit and 10 gigabit. We often say that the gigabit and 10 gigabit refers to the optical module. Fiber optic can not be used "megabit" to express the single-mode fiber.

Types of Gigabit Multimode Optical Module SFP-GE-SX

Gigabit multi-mode optical module SFP-GE-SX itself is a specific product type. But there are still some subdivisions, for example, Gigabit multi-mode optical modules can be divided into three levels according to the applicable temperature:

Commercial-grade temperature (0 ~ +70 ℃), extended-grade temperature (-20 ~ 85 ℃), and industrial-grade temperature (-40 ~ 85 ℃); the commercial-grade temperature is applied in data centers and enterprise server rooms because air conditioners will be installed inside the data centers and server rooms to maintain the room temperature; and if used in the outdoor nodes in tropical areas, modules for extended temperature can be considered. 

In the outdoor, remote mountainous areas, tunnels and other environments with large temperature changes, industrial-grade optical modules will be imported into the temperature compensation software, which is used to ensure that the optical module has a stable supply of operating current, and when the temperature changes, the temperature compensation software will take effect.

Features of SFP-GE-SX Gigabit Multimode Optical Module

Gigabit multi-mode optical module has the following characteristics:

1, Gigabit optical module SFP-GE-SX has a low price and cost, relatively cheap and can be applied to a variety of different application scenarios.

2, Gigabit optical module SFP-GE-SX has low power consumption, which can save energy and reduce the failure rate during data transmission.

3, flexible and reliable: Gigabit multi-mode optical module SFP-GE-SX can be adapted to different network environments, and can provide stable and reliable data transmission.

4, Gigabit optical module SFP-GE-SX has a wide range of applications, from small buildings to data centers.

5, Gigabit optical module SFP-GE-SX is a very mature and stable product, has a high popularity in the market, easy to configure and manage.

6, easy to deploy: Gigabit multi-mode optical module SFP-GE-SX has a standardized interface, which is easy to connect and interact with other devices for fiber optic connection.

Gigabit optical module SFP-GE-SX disadvantage is that it can not meet the demand for ultra-high bandwidth and transmission distance of only 550m.

Advantages of Gigabit Multimode Optical Module SFP-GE-SX

Compared with other transmission modules, Gigabit multi-mode optical module SFP-GE-SX has the following advantages:

Wide scope of application: Gigabit multi-mode optical module SFP-GE-SX can be applied to a variety of network scenarios to meet the needs of different application environments.

Cost-effective: Gigabit multi-mode optical module SFP-GE-SX has a lower cost compared with 10Gb optical module, which is suitable for small and medium-sized network environments.

Gigabit multi-mode SFP-GE-SX can not only meet the growing demand for network communication, but also improve the performance and stability of network communication. With the continuous development of technology and increasing application requirements, Gigabit multi-mode SFP-GE-SX will also continue to play an important role in the field of network communication.

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