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Frequently Asked Questions about Electrical Port Module SFP-GE-T
Knowledge Base + 2024.01.25

The electrical port module SFP-GE-T is a common network device used to realize the conversion of optical and electrical signals. In the process of using the electrical port module SFP-GE-T, you may encounter some problems. This article will answer some common questions and provide some tips for you to use.

I. How to use the electrical port module SFP-GE-T?

Using the electrical port module SFP-GE-T is relatively simple, and the following are the general usage steps:

    1.First, make sure the connecting cable matches the electrical port module interface. The electrical port module SFP-GE-T uses a standard RJ45 connection interface.

    2.Insert the electrical port module SFP-GE-T into the corresponding slot of the device. Typically, the slot will have a snap-lock mechanism to ensure that the electrical port module SFP-GE-T is securely attached to the device. Insert the module to the bottom with a little force. A click or a slight vibration indicates that the module latch is in place. When the module card lock is not stuck in place, the gold finger and the connector on the single board micro-contact, the link may be connected, but in the case of vibration, collision, etc., the module will be transient breakage, or even loose and other failures.

    3.Connect the network cable between the electrical port module and other devices (such as switches, routers).

What should I do if I can't plug in the SFP-GE-T module?

If you encounter difficulties when plugging in the electrical port module, it may be due to the following reasons:

    Wrong slot orientation: Make sure the slot orientation of the electrical port module is correct, following the slot design requirements of the device.

    Slot damage: Check the device slots for damage or debris obstruction. The slots should be carefully inspected and cleaned before inserting the module.

    Damaged plug: Check that the plug of the electrical port module is intact. If the plug is damaged, it may not be securely fastened. If there is damage, it is recommended that the electrical port module be replaced.

    Incompatibility: Make sure that the electrical port module matches the interface type and specifications of the device. Sometimes it happens that the interfaces don't match and this may result in a plug not fitting.

Basically, as long as you follow the above methods to troubleshoot the problem, you can usually use it normally. In the rare case of failure to solve the problem, it is recommended to contact the relevant technical personnel or equipment manufacturers of technical support.

How to pull out the SFP-GE-T module?

The method of pulling out the SFP-GE-T module is similar to inserting it, but it requires extra care. The following are the general steps for unplugging:

Before pulling out the electrical port module, power off or disconnect it from other devices to ensure safety.

Trigger down the latch of the SFP electrical port module, pull the puller to about 90 degree position with the optical port after the module is unlocked from the slot, and pull it out horizontally and slowly outward, you can't pull it out too hard or pull it out without pulling the puller in place, which may cause damage to the shield of the optical module. Hold the plug of the electrical port module until the optical module is completely removed. If the electrical port module cannot be pulled out easily, please check carefully if there are any stuck or blocked objects. It is important to note that the module should not be pulled out with too much force to avoid damaging the slot or the module itself.

Fourth, what is the difference between the electrical port module SFP-GE-T and the optical port module?

There are some differences between the electrical port module SFP-GE-T and the optical port module in terms of signal transmission method and usage environment:

    Signal transmission method: electrical port modules use electrical signals for transmission, while optical port modules use optical signals for transmission. Optical signal transmission has higher bandwidth and speed, and is suitable for long-distance transmission.

    Use of the environment: the electric port module is suitable for short-distance transmission and small network environment, such as office, home network. The optical port module is suitable for large-scale network environment, such as data centers, enterprise networks.

V. Can Gigabit Ethernet port and 100Gb Ethernet port interoperate? Can a Gigabit Ethernet port interoperate with a 10GbE port?

Gigabit and 100GbE ports can directly interoperate, but the transmission rate is limited to the slower side. When a Gigabit power port is connected to a 100 Gigabit power port, the data transfer rate will be limited to that of a 100 Gigabit Ethernet.

Interworking between Gigabit and 10 Gigabit ports is dependent on other devices such as switches. When connected using a switch, the Gigabit power port and the 10 Gigabit power port can interoperate, but the transfer rate is limited to the slower side. Note that the interconnection assumes that the 10 Gigabit port of the network device using the electrical port module supports Gigabit rates.


The electrical port module is an important network device, and when using it you may encounter difficulties with plugging and unplugging, compatibility problems, and so on. Correct use and handling of these problems is the key to ensure the normal operation of network equipment. 

At the same time, you need to pay attention to the difference between electrical and optical port modules, and you need to further understand the requirements of different devices and scenarios when it comes to the interoperability of Gigabit and Hundred Gigabit electrical ports as well as Gigabit and 10 Gigabit electrical ports. If problems are encountered, it is recommended to contact technical support staff or the equipment manufacturer for assistance.

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